Posted by: nightmistwalker | August 14, 2017

Preparing for Blogging

It has been some time since the mediums ganged up on me and “encouraged” me to write. I, of course, took their advice. However, it has been some time since I wrote in this forum. Time to catch up!

I have spent the summer working on four books. The books encompass one story, which covers quite a span of time.  True to form, the characters are beginning to talk to me. Not only are they telling me how many more scenes I need with them, but also which books the scenes are in. Yesterday, they started to tell me how to arrange the scenes.

It is time for a break.

Having surfaced into real life, I realize that I only have a bit over a month before it is time for the annual spiritual discipline of blogging on a daily basis. Now I have to think of a list of topics to start this journey.  Suggestions are welcome.

Hope the end of your summer is going well.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | April 2, 2017

The Ostara Quiche

I have started to send presents to my daughters to reflect the holidays. For this, I am grateful to all the wonderful companies which prepare, package, and deliver their products for me. My major problem is one of location. When the girls got married, found jobs and moved, they recreated my worse nightmare. Yes, I have two daughters, each of which lives on two different oceans, 3000 miles apart. Sigh!

What to do?

Long distance celebrating appears to be the answer in these modern times. My older daughter is a cookbook editor with a food adventurous husband and a 4-year-old daughter. My younger daughter is a piscatorian with a food sensitive husband and no children. Since Ostara was the most recent impending holiday, I focused on eggs.

“You are NOT sending eggs by mail, are you?” challenged my younger daughter.

“If I do, it will be in the form of quiche,” I responded.

“Ooooo, I like quiche!” she suddenly purred.

So I spent the better part of a month researching quiche gifts. Unsurprisingly, most quiche gifts are literally quiche dishes or pans. There are many quiche recipes online, also. But it was the real thing that I was after. Fortunately, there were a few companies that did indeed send quiche. My only complaint was that none of them mentioned the size of the product that I was ordering. Was I buying a 9″ quiche? 8″? 4″? I could only take a leap of faith. I left it in the Goddess’ hands and sent in the order.

It was my older daughter who responded with alacrity. “Thanks for the gift. It is in the oven now. I explained to my daughter that it was scrambled eggs pie.”

My granddaughter has a gifted sense of smell, however. (She gets that gift from my mother, not from me.) “It’s macaroni and cheese pie!” she announced happily.

“Did you serve it with macaroni?” I asked.

“No,” my daughter replied, “but one of the cheeses in the quiche is the same kind as I use for macaroni and cheese.”

Excellent sense of smell, my lovely little granddaughter! And a happy feast in two homes on the opposite sides of the country. Spring is here! Ostara rules! Balance is restored!

And thank you Harry and David for your caramelized onion and 3 cheese quiche.

Now I have to research Beltane.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | January 8, 2017

Return of the Chickadees

Four or five years ago this weekend, I wrote a post about the disappearance of the chickadees at the bird feeders. At that time, I had not seen any, although one or two did appear before the end of winter. I reread that post last night and thought I should give you an update.

Over the years, the chickadees have been slowly returning. I have seen as many as 10 at a time at the feeder this year, down from the flock of at least 20, but certainly better than two. The sparrows, finches, nuthatches, cardinal, and blue jays still continue to come in great numbers. The squirrel population has increased, also.

This year, I received for Yule a squirrel-proof bird feeder. It hangs from a hook, replacing the feeder that the squirrels destroyed last year. (They chewed through the wooden bottom and separated it from the metal mesh sides. All the seeds fell to the ground. Feast Day for Squirrels commenced immediately.) The birds have figured out how to use it at last. I have seen as many as 3 perched on it at a time. (There are perches for six.) Hopefully, this year, the birds will be able to dine unmolested – at least in one location!

The feeding bird population has been joined by a stray cat. She has been around since summer and is slowly being acclimated to me. I have set up a winter shelter for her, which I believe she uses, although she does not let me see her going in and out from it. A friend also built a feeding station, which helps keep large predators away from her food, and which also provides protection from wind, rain, and snow while she is eating. She uses that, too. I have to peek at her from the front door window to see her eat. She knows I am there and will sometimes give me a slow blink in thanks. More often, though, she will startle and back away until she realizes that it is me watching her. Then she will stay in place until I leave. Only then will she go back to the food.

The cat feeding station and the feral cat shelter are both on the front porch. They are on opposite sides of the porch, with the front door about halfway in between. This week, the stray has taken to reclining on the doormat, looking out over the Temple’s front lawn. It is such a peaceful feeling to see her there. The Temple of Gaia has provided sanctuary to another creature. Hopefully, in due time, she will be willing to join the other Feline Priestesses of the Temple.

Trust builds slowly. Trust is earned. This is something we humans need to heed, as well.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 31, 2016

The 31st Day

This month has flown by, and the goblins and ghosties and princesses, too, are gearing up for their night of begging in the dark. That was always the important part for me. It was the idea that we were in the dark, walking around the neighborhood, dodging cars and dogs, knocking on doors, and visiting old friends that filled my spirit with a sense of wonder and sacredness. The nights that there was moonlight were spooky enough, but the nights of the dark moon were truly the stuff of memories.

Today has been a day of winding things up. The morning meditation at the Learning Center was deeply peaceful. Then four old friends gathered together and shared memories, admired pictures and webpages, and discovered new layers of each other. This afternoon, the woodpeckers came knocking on the front door, explaining in woodpeckerese that they needed their very own feeder. I complied, and they, the chickadees, and the cardinals had a wonderful afternoon feast. There was (blessedly) only one political phone call. That is truly rare for Ohio!

I know I promised you last year that I would post more frequently. “More frequently” turned out to be once, for which I do truly apologize. I am hoping to do better this year.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Samhain! May the spirits walk with you always. May there always be sweetness in your life. And don’t forget to call the oldest members of your family and ask about their earliest memories.

Then write them down before you forget.

Blessed Be!

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 30, 2016

Preparing For Winter

It was in the 70s (F) today. It would have been a lovely late summer day if it weren’t for the overcast winter sky. With clouds like that, it won’t be long before it snows.

Therefore, today was the day to start solving winter problems. The most urgent problem is the care of winter birds. I have, for the last several years, fed the birds from the front porch railings. They are flat for the ground feeders. They are also good for the birds who would perch on feeders. The porch also has a row of taxus bushes across the front, which provides wind breaks and hiding places for the little birds. The bushes allow me to hang pine cones filled with peanut butter, suet, seeds, and dried fruit bits. This has been a very successful feeding place for the birds.

This year, there are two stray cats sharing the porch. This does not bode well for little hungry birds. I did fill and hang a bird feeder from the hook at the end of the porch. There are fewer bushes there, so the cats have less cover. I am planning to get some suet feeders to hang on the trees. Several birds use them, but we had 2 varieties of nesting woodpeckers this summer, so we will be ready for them. I haven’t made the pine cones yet, but they will be tied a bit farther from the porch than last year.

Suggestions are welcome! Feed the birds!

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 29, 2016

An Old-Fashioned Victorian Seance

Tonight at the Learning Center, we participated in an old-fashioned Victorian seance. This was an opportunity to play with spirits while the veil is thin. We did the blacked out room, the trumpets, and the cabinet. If nothing else, it was an opportunity to sit in the dark with 12 friends, singing songs, laughing, and talking with any handy spirit who wafted through.

Now, lots of things can happen in a seance of this nature. However, tonight we did not have things flying about, no ectoplasm materialized, and no trumpets were used by spirits to shout at us. (Although, several people did see the taller one rock back and forth.) There was some knocking on the floor while we sang. There were several transfigurations. But best of all, two people channeled.

The first channeler was a young woman, who is a gifted medium. She had never channeled before, however, and afterward confessed to being a bit frightened during the experience. The spirit she channeled was a Native American woman who was kind and gentle. She spoke slowly and distinctly with a slight accent. She gave us healing messages. She liked the music and requested that we sing a song. Put on the spot like that, we sang “Jingle Bells”. She was gently amused, only making the observation that it was a white man’s song. So we sang “Home on the Range”, which she thought was lovely. When she left, the channeler remembered only a few things, having heard the conversation as if it had taken place in another room.

The second channeler was our group leader, a Spiritualist minister. Her spirit introduced herself as Mama Pele, who then gave us several messages regarding the health of the planet. The first message is that we are to take care of the health of our own selves. She told us not to focus so much on the long term fate of the earth, but to enjoy and appreciate it. She made the point that the natural process is to wipe out that which was there and then to rebuild anew. Mama Pele is direct and to the point. We thanked her repeatedly for caring about us.

I have now seen 3 people channel in the last week. I was fascinated by the physical changes that the channelers went through. I was also fascinated by the distinctive personalities that we came in contact with. There is so much to learn and experience in this world.

One caveat: Do not do this at home unless you are really experienced. This seance was a safe place, with many people watching out for each other. If you are interested in trying this, find a group who can provide a safe and caring environment.

And make sure you have plenty of water and some chocolate for afterward.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 28, 2016

Odd Thoughts on Stray Things

OK, I got caught up watching Stephen Colbert and my computer tried to update. Now, I don’t really want to stay up until breakfast waiting to write this. So I have taken my sanity into my own hands and have told the computer to wait until later to do its own thing. I am not usually so brash, but it usually does this at 4 in the morning. It is not even midnight yet.

All I really wanted to do was to report on my granddaughter’s Halloween costume. She got it today. She loved it and put it on and played in it with one of her little pet dragons. Then she refused to take it off. I am tickled pink (which is the color of the dress), but my daughter may not be so pleased with me at the moment.

Also, I would put some photos of her in the dress in this post, but I don’t think my daughter wants her daughter on the internet. I don’t think the Russians would hack her in order to disrupt the presidential campaign, but one can never be sure.

The cats – especially the black ones – are preparing for Samhain. I really did not know that cats practice their poses. Yet, Feline Priestess Little Max and Mr. Jackson Pollack Kitty have been practicing all day. The other three just stare at them in wonder. I can hardly wait for the finished production on Monday.

I don’t even know if anyone will trick-or-treat around here. There are no street lights and there are ditches instead of sidewalks, so it could be challenging. There are some children of various ages next door, but they have passed up the past two years and have a For Sale sign in front of their house, so I am thinking that I am not a priority. I may go to my friend’s instead, who is threatening to have an outdoor fire circle and whose birthday the 31st is.

I think that is all for tonight. Sweet dreams!

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 27, 2016

Spiders Galore

I finally had a chance to drive around town today. I was saddened to see that there are not as many holiday decorations this year as I am used to. Usually, the entire area is decorated to the hilt. This year, however, everyone seems to have gone on vacation.

Or perhaps they have poured all their money into seats for the World Series.

So I was feeling somewhat depressed when I turned a corner and saw It.

There was a massive spider on some poor guy’s porch roof. It filled the entire space and was heading for the driveway. For one fleeting moment, I thought that perhaps it had just eaten the family. Then I realized that it was plastic. Whew!

Turning onto the next street, I saw a lawn filled with giant balloon animals. There was a ladybug and a bat and – sure enough – a giant black spider. Three animals filled the entire front lawn. I did not feel that they were eating anyone, but they certainly had the capacity for causing auto accidents.

After that, I noticed decorative spiders everywhere. Someone had wrapped all their trees and shrubs with a grayish netting and attached spiders to it. Someone else had lighted spiders lining both sides of his driveway. Spiders were everywhere. Perhaps they were the survivors of some catastrophic event.
I was very relieved to reach home.

I suppose that there are fads in holiday decorating. I just never expected that it would be spiders. Yet, here they all were, and I began to get used to them.

Poor witches! Perhaps it will be their turn next year.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 26, 2016

The Craft of the Season

Today, I finished my granddaughter’s Halloween costume. All I had to do was hand work – tacking the lining to the bodice, sewing lace around the neckline, covering the sleeve seam with ribbon. It takes a while for me to do this hand work. But it is relaxing, and it gives me the opportunity to saturate the costume with love.

It was afternoon when I finished. I already had a box picked out for it. I packed the costume and two spools of thread (in case my daughter needs to adjust the hem), and then I headed to the UPS store.

The clerk asked if she could help me, then smiled when I told her I was mailing my granddaughter’s Halloween costume. There is some sort of rite of passage – or even ritual – about Grandma making the costume. I wondered how many other Grandmas the clerk had heard this from so far this year. The transaction was completed quickly, and then it was time to go back home.

On the way into the house, I stopped by the mailbox for today’s mail. Lo and behold, there was an orange envelope in the mail with my granddaughter’s name printed on the return line! Yes, her costume and my card had crossed in the mail.

The card was embellished, as it all turned out. The pictures of candy corn on the front had been enhanced with a ball point pen, which was used on the back of the card as well. Inside the card, however, crayons had been used, with every bit of empty space emblazoned with vivid colors (mostly green). This one is a keeper!

So, the Samhain traditions are slowly being met. The trees may be late, but everything else is moving along in its own time.

Now I have to come up with a costume for myself.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 25, 2016

A Case of Channeling

It was a fun evening with the mediums at the Monday Night Learning Center Circle. We planned a midnight outing in November for Rocky Horror (I am bringing the dry toast). We talked about the upcoming Victorian seance. We talked about bringing back 5th Mondays, Teen Meditation Circle, and what the Samhain plans are. And we watched the youngest member of our group (she is 14) channel an older Southern man.

We noticed her posture first. She had been sitting in her normal way, which is, somewhat fidgety, fluid motions that twist easily into various pretzel shapes, and an inclination to use her chair rather like a sofa. Gradually, we became aware that her posture had changed. She was sitting up straight, feet flat on the floor, and shoulders squared as men sit. Her left hand was on her left leg, palm up, and fingers slightly curled. Her right arm rested on her right leg, but not in a straight posture, as her elbow was bent toward me (I was next to her) and her hand was curled. I noticed that her pinkie looked short, as if she was missing the top joint. I kept looking at it, for it was pressing down, and I thought that she naturally had a normal finger. Her right leg was tapping the floor rhythmically, and it continued to do that even after we called her attention to her body. She seemed unaware that her body had taken on a masculine affect, and she entered into a normal conversation with us. When called upon to think about it, she did acknowledge the presence of an older man, but she did not attempt to stop the movement of her leg. Our group leader took a picture of her, which showed that all of her exposed flesh (ankles, head, hands) glowed purple. Her mother finally told her to take off her jacket and stand up, which she did. With that, she stretched and moved and “shook off” an odd feeling that she had. She then developed a taste of chewing tobacco in her mouth, which she found disgusting. Our group leader took a second photo, which showed her flesh in its normal (non-purple) color.

After she had returned to normal, we had an informative discussion. A woman sitting across the circle from me exclaimed that the girl did indeed have a normal sized pinkie. I looked again, noticed that it was indeed normal, and validated that I, too, had noted that the finger had been short by a section. One of the other women mentioned that her hands had been in the positions of holding a whiskey glass (the right one) and a pipe (the left one). A man in the group gave us the spirit’s name and explained that the fingertip had been cut off while the spirit had been cutting tobacco.

It was an interesting experience. The group leader congratulated the girl for not allowing the spirit take her over completely and offered to help her develop her skills further. We learned a lot and were glad this experience had happened in the group setting.

Hanging out with mediums can be fun.

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