Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 31, 2017

The End of (Blogging as a Spiritual Discipline) Time

Our time for doing a month of spiritual blogging is rapidly coming to a close. Samhain is here and a new year is beginning. I have promised in years past to continue blogging on a more regular basis for the upcoming year. Something always seems to intervene. This year, I will make you no promises.

Not that I will miss an opportunity to report on something interesting.

A friend of mine has a birthday on Oct. 31. I have threatened to go to her house and party during the secular trick-or-treat time. After all, someday we will be ancestors, too. Might as well give the descendants something to remember!

Once again, I would like to thank you for all the comments, likes, and support. It is good to keep in touch with old friends. It is also good to meet new friends.

Don’t forget to call the oldest member of your family. Learn a new family story and write it down!

I wish you all a healthy, happy new year.

Enjoy your Samhain! Love your kitties!


Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 30, 2017

A Surprise Gift

Woke up late this morning and made a mad dash for Sunday morning meditation. Managed to feed the cats, but not myself. Pulled off my pajama bottoms and pulled on a skirt. Tied back my unbrushed hair. Put my coat on over my pajama tops, slipped into sandals, threw the stuff I had put on my purse last night into the purse, and ran out the door. It was cold and raining, and it was one minute before 9:00 a.m.

Meditation is billed as starting at 9:00, but there is usually a few minutes to greet people before we get started. I sent a quick mental message to the mediums to tell them I was coming. However, I did not let them know how I was dressed. I really did not want to think about it.

I heard them mention my name as I went up the stairs. As I stepped into the room, the minister said, “Just grab a blanket. The heater is off.”

She was right. It was very cold in there. I grabbed a blanket and walked to my seat. That is when I noticed the package. It was on the seat next to mine, with a sticky note on top. On the sticky note was a message from one of the student mediums and addressed to me. The message was lovely, and at first I did not know what she was talking about. I thanked her and demurred that these nice things she said really should not be applied to me. Then I looked more carefully at the gift.

It was a pad of lined paper that is sold for list making. It was encased in clear plastic, which held a pencil tightly against the pad. The decoration at the top of the pad was of a group of black-capped chickadee! That’s when I woke up. She had shopped for something to surprise me! I was overwhelmed with emotion.

Chickadees! I love those nosy little birds. I love to feed them, watch them, and talk to them. That is why I have named this blog after them. How thoughtful of her to have found this gift just for me!

The gift, as it turned out, was for Samhain. This young woman is not a pagan, but has been carefully listening as the Spiritualist minister and I have been talking. “Happy Samhain,” she smiled. “Can you say ‘Happy Samhain’? Is that right?”

The minister and I both assured her that it was quite all right. “It’s the New Year,” I explained. “Happy New Year.”

Now she grinned. “Happy New Year!” she said happily.

We are all interconnected. We have no idea how many people we effect every day. We are oblivious to our actions, words, and moods, and what effect those things have on others. To say that I was surprised is a complete understatement. To say that I was deeply touched goes without saying.

Thank you, my dear friend. You have made an old lady’s heart happy. Blessed Be.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 29, 2017

Walking in the Rain

It was a very dark morning. Rain fell gently, but relentlessly.

The littlest stray cat did not venture from her house until she heard my voice. She meowed politely, and told me how cold she was. I suppose I should get the second house set up and position it in a more sheltered place. Hopefully, she will get the hint. Of course, the catnip and treats that I will lace the hay with will help.

The Temple of Gaia has a path to the front door that is overhung by trees. Most of them still had their leaves, so I was able to stand on the walk and wear only my pj’s. It was not raining hard, but all I felt was the dripping from the leaves. The little cat ate, and I opened my senses to all of nature. It was cold, but not enough to blunt the smell of wet earth and trees. This would be a good day for a walk in the woods.

It had been sometime since I had visited the creek. After dressing, I put on my boots and a raincoat and headed out the back door. The deck was wet, as was the grass. There were no leaves down in the back yard, though, and I headed straight for the woods.

Some branches had come down over the trail, but I was able to maneuver past them. There was a trace of a deer path through the tall grasses and rose thickets. I followed their hoof prints until I reached the edge of the Temple’s property. Then I turned left and headed up to a clearing in the trees. There were only a few leaves on the outdoor altar, and I brushed them off with no trouble. I picked up a large shell which I kept near the altar and headed down to the creek for some water.

Thanks to the rain, the creek was up, and I did not have far to reach for the water. The water, like the air, was cold. Memories of winter rose up in me, and I shivered. I took my shell full of water back to the altar, and poured my libation over the rock. Spending a few minutes by the altar, I felt relaxed and open to the spirits of the place. The wind whispered in the trees, and the rain pattered gently around.

It only takes a few minutes in the woods to become refreshed. We are part of Nature, just as Nature is within us.
The rocks, the trees, the creek are all gifts of the Goddess. It doesn’t take long. Just take a few minutes and tune in to Her.

Blessed Be.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 28, 2017

The Glow in the Dark

It was dark as I drove home this evening. Usually, I am out and about during the day. However, there was a lot I had to do today, and I was late getting home.

In town, of course, there are plenty of lights. Stores are still open for business, traffic lights are busy, street lamps are on, and cars and trucks ply their way through the city streets with headlights blazing. As you get closer to the country,though, there are fewer traffic lights and street lights, and residential homes do not use as many lights as a store does. Darkness begins to slowly dominate the landscape.

Or, at least it did, until I turned a corner and saw an orange glow ahead of me. Someone had decorated the entire front of their house – roof, windows, doorway, porch railings, sidewalk lamps, etc. – with tiny orange lights. They glowed like only tiny orange lights can glow. There were thousands of them. Additionally, there were spot lights in the yard lighting up a veritable dream world of ghosts, witches, cauldrons, tombstones, and Dracula. All of the outdoor balloons were lighted from within, adding a multi-colored glow to the orange. It was surreal, and beautiful, and a fantasy world all rolled into one.

I had barely passed through the orange glow when I saw another glow further down the street. This one was orange also, although not as bright as the first one. This house had only decorated around the door and windows with the same tiny orange lights. Though not as entertaining as the first house, the glow still projected warmth and welcome.

And so the drive home continued. Spotlit yard displays, lights from holiday themed decorations, stacks of pumpkins, every type of tableaux one could think of guided my way home. As I went further into the country, the displays were further apart, but still companionable.

Finally I turned into my driveway. Most of the neighbors were not yet home, so the darkness enveloped me. As I pulled up to the garage, however, I was confronted with the best Halloween decoration of all.

The next door neighbor’s black cat was stretched out across my garage door, awaiting my return. As I came to a stop and shut off the engine, he stood and stretched and walked over to greet me, his green eyes glowing in the headlights. Who would not feel welcomed by such a fine familiar?

Who would not feel loved?

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 27, 2017

Color At Last!

Something was up with the cats last night. I was hanging out in my easy chair, when I noticed the presence of Feline Priestesses all around me. I really do mean “all around”, too! One was in my lap, one was stretched out on the back of the chair, and the third had taken over the arm on the right side of me. This one was asleep and snoring. The other two were awake and alert and having a purring contest with each other. What was going on here?

Every once in a while, one or the other awake cats would lift their head and gaze out the back door. Other than a stray cat or a stray raccoon, I could think of no reason for them to do this. It was dark, and I was not about to fling 3 contented Feline Priestesses off my body to go check for wandering wildlife. Finally, I heard what they knew was coming. Rain began to fall, and all three heads (this includes mine as the third cat was still asleep) turned to the door.

There is something comforting about cuddling up with the ones you love on a rainy, windy night.

By this morning, the rain had stopped, but the breezes continued. It was a cool, crisp morning when I went outside to feed the strays, and I noticed that the woods across the creek were glowing a golden color in the east. As the day progressed, the temperature did not increase that much, but the sunlight washed generously over the landscape. And there was the color! Orange, red, purple, and yellow merged into each other at the sides of the road. We did not miss peak leaf season, after all. It was today, and it was beautiful!

It is late, though, and November is coming. Already, there are groves of trees that have dropped all of their leaves. They stand against the horizon, their bare branches tossing in the wind. Autumn may be in this moment, but winter is hard on its heels.

So gather your cloaks, my dearies, tie your hats on tightly, and rev up the brooms for a few days of good riding! Samhain is coming, and we have ancestors to visit, stories to tell, and dances to be danced.

And if you take your cats riding with you, listen to them carefully. Amongst all the purring, you may hear a sleeping kitty snoring.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 26, 2017

Fats Domino Has Gone Home

My mother called me this evening all agitated over some news she had heard on the TV.

“A musician has died,” she said, “one of your dad’s favorites. I can’t remember his name. Oh, what could it be?”

Now, my mom is 95 and, although she does well for someone her age, when she gets upset, she gets forgetful. Then she gets even more upset. So I attempted to forestall any increasing upset.

“Do you remember what music he is famous for?” I asked.

“Oh, one of those songs that your dad used to sing all the time. Was it Chuck Berry?’

“Mom, I think Chuck Berry died earlier this year, not right now. Can you remember the song Dad liked?”

“No, I knew it when they said it. He was a very large man.” she answered.

“Very large” is a nebulous term with my mother, so I turned to Twitter to help me find out. Sure enough, Stephen King came through with his tweet about the passing of Fats Domino. Instantly, I could hear my dad singing “Blueberry Hill” all through the house, batting his eyes flirtatiously at my mother, who always responded, “Oh, Ed,” because she was busy and he was teasing.

My dad loved “happy” music, and the happiest music he knew of came from New Orleans. From ragtime to Dixieland jazz to the New Orleans flavored bits of rock and roll, all he would need was a snatch of music and he would start humming and maybe even tapping his foot. He would listen to Louis Armstrong playing away, and he would say, “He can really make that horn sing.” When “Blueberry Hill” came out, we could go into a diner, and Dad would flip the jukebox index at the end of the table, selecting this song every time he found it. Then he would sing along, tapping his fingers on the table top, batting his eyes at my mother until she said, “Oh, Ed,” because we were in public and she was embarrassed.

I like to think that Fats Domino has joined the sweetest band playing anywhere outside of New Orleans itself. I like to think that Dad is sitting appreciatively in the audience, listening to the happiest music you could ever wish to hear.

The veil continues to grow thinner. Perhaps it will grow thin enough that we, too, can hear this sweet, happy music in our dreams.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 25, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood’s Plumbing Services Company

There has been a change yet again in the saga of my granddaughter’s, L, Halloween costume.

The Little Red Riding Hood costume is finished with a week to spare. The Anna’s Winter Dress has progressed to the finishing steps, which entails the addition of 72 pieces of applique. If L lived in town and really didn’t need the costume until Tuesday, I would have a fair shot of getting it done. As is stands, I don’t.

I sent my daughter, T, an email suggesting a change of costume. She sent a nice email back saying that it was up to me and that L was busy looking for her plumber’s hat. I thought this would give L a chance to come up with a creative name for her plumbing business. Perhaps T could even make business cards for her.

The Dress had originally come with its own cape. I was planning on making the cape for L for Yule, anyway. This way, she will get the Dress and the cape at the same time.

What could go wrong? Well, I haven’t looked at the directions for the cape, yet. Hopefully there is not a large number of appliques on that, as well.

How about a business card that reads:

Little Red Riding Hood’s Plumbing Services Company
“We make house calls to Grandmas!”

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 24, 2017

Tarot, Pendulums, and the Care and Feeding of Ouija Boards

Metaphysical Mondays started off with a bang at Spirals of Spirit tonight. Eleven of us gathered in the circle in the reading room. We were joined by Eugene, the resident spirit, who lingered just outside the circle. Two of us were new to Spirals, and the 10 year old boy demonstrated his great gifts as a medium.

Most of us had brought our Tarot cards. The lecturer talked about the ancient origins of Tarot reading. She also discussed in some length about the way to intuitively use the cards (she uses the major arcana predominantly) in a reading. Eugene very helpfully flicked a few cards out of the holders’ hands. We did an exercise to practice intuitively reading the cards, then we moved on to….

Pendulums! Some of us had brought our own pendulums, but the lecturer had brought a bag of them so that everyone could practice using it. We were shown the correct hand position, and how to elicit “yes” and “no” from the pendulum when we asked it a question. The 10-year-old boy found the vortex in the room. We found Eugene in the room by using only the pendulum, but he refused to join us in circle when we invited him. We asked each other questions to test our pendulums.

Finally, it was time for the star attraction. One of our members had brought her brand new Ouija board to the discussion tonight. The lecturer explained that, despite the general fear surrounding Ouija boards, energy is neutral. It is the intentions of the practitioners that determines good or bad effects. Therefore, if we feed good intentions into the Ouija board, then one can be quite safe using it. The trick is to know the people we are using it with very well. Fear begets fear, and the Ouija board will respond to whoever is there. And the care of it? The lecturer recommended spraying Pledge on the board to help the planchette move more smoothly and quickly.

Some Metaphysical Mondays, which are the fourth Monday of the month, will be followed up by a workshop the next month to learn more about the topic and to practice. This is one of the few that will not have a workshop. Still, it was valuable for our understanding in using these tools of divination.Tarot

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It’s October with Green Trees

The temperature was in the 40s (F) this morning when I finally woke up. It has been like this for the last few days, teasing me with the impending return of frost. However, the daytime temperatures have consistently been in the 70s this past week. Today, it may even have reached 80 (F).

What does this mean? For one thing, it means that I did not freeze like crazy at the garage sale. For another thing, it means that this month’s heating bill will be more than reasonable for October. Finally, it means that the annual parade of changing leaves has come to a sudden and surprising stop.

Autumn still looks like summer, only with less flowers.

Two weeks ago, I thought that about 20% of the leaves had changed color. Tonight, it looks like less than that. This is because the leaves that had changed color have now turned brown and dropped. No new colored leaves have appeared. Green has reasserted itself as the dominant color. It is disconcerting to be looking at the trees this green this close to Samhain.

It’s October with green trees.

For those of us who try to live our lives by the cycle of Nature, this is very odd. What do we do when Nature is all confused? Do we break out the summer clothes for the second time this year? (I confess to wearing shorts around the house one day this weekend.) Do we forge ahead with our regular seasonal plans, even if we find ourselves wearing wool in 80 degree (F) weather? Do we “fall behind”, “spring ahead,” Or reasonably stay the same?

I find myself wondering what to do about all this turmoil. Yet, I also know that there is n0thing I really can do.

And so, I just take it one day at a time, as I wait for Mother Nature to figure Herself out. There are some things that are simply beyond my control.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 22, 2017

The Garage Sale May Be Over, But the Spiritual Discipline Is Not

Today was the last day of the garage sale. We brought delight to the hearts of several people. One man was celebrating his birthday and was overjoyed to find presents for himself. A grandmother and grandfather ransacked the children’s clothes, finding coats, T-shirts, a jacket, and a Halloween costume for their loved ones. Another gentlemen sat in a chair, sinking comfortably into it, and exclaimed, “It rocks!” while a look of bliss spread over his face. One couple came back an hour after the sale closed to ask about one more purchase, and ended up not only making the purchase, but entering into a conversation with us that seemed a long step to friendship.

Many people told us that they had come to our sales faithfully over the last 5 years. Several inquired about a specific item they had seen. Most seemed genuinely pleased that the item in question had found a new home.

We recognize the faces of some of the people who visit us. Others are complete strangers. Still, we smile and welcome them, and warn them that there is a step down into the interior portion of the sale. One bright days, we warn them to allow their eyes to adjust to the darkness. We try to speak to each person who passes our way.

Though we are exhausted, we are exhilarated, too. We have made plans for a garage sale in the spring and have even managed to pack accordingly. We have tucked away some business cards that we were given and written down some names of people we want to greet again. Our love extends to others. Our memories need some help with names.

The feline priestesses were waiting for me tonight. It was getting dark, and their meowing welcomed me home. I would love to say that they were demanding dinner, but they were also expressing their satisfaction that I was home. Tired now, I sit in my chair writing to you, kitties napping in the background, candle flickering at my side.

The garage sale is over, but the spiritual discipline continues on.

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