Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 18, 2017

End of Season Garage Sale

This coming weekend is forecast to be gorgeous. My friend and I are taking advantage of the weather to hold a garage sale.

We had a garage sale earlier in the year. The set up temperature was in the 90s and the sale itself was in the 50s with rain. Garage sales really do remind me of spiritual disciplines. You just do them. You just soldier through.

Today, I took the ad in to the paper. The Classified desk is in the main lobby, a quiet marbled space with lots of newspapers judiciously placed near comfy sofas. The sofas are a clue that one must wait for a while. No one sits at the Classified desk as a matter of course. The receptionist has to call into the depths of the building, and one must wait until someone shows up. Meditation is an acceptable alternative to reading the paper. Sleep may not be.

The lady finally showed up, and the process went relatively smoothly after that.
We had a quiet, peaceful exchange which, once again, reminded me of meditation.

Now comes the sorting, moving, decision-making, and discarding. This is the serious part, and we will take deep, cleansing breaths before we start. As we cleanse our houses, garages, and storage units, so will we remove the dust and clutter from our spirits.

Wish us luck!

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 17, 2017

Feeling the Pull

Tonight’s discussion at Spirals had to do with experiencing the pull a medium feels when she is locating a person for a message. Our leader explained that, the first time she experienced the pull, she was pulled sideways across the stage at one of the outdoor message venues in Lilydale, New York.

Then she demonstrated this motion for us.

We spent the next little while experiencing the pull. Mine was gentle, a steady pull on one hip which forced me to take a step in order not to fall. Two others in the group felt it also and, perhaps, stronger than mine. The third lady, though, was jerked nearly off of her feet. All of us were surprised and delighted. There was absolutely no denying that pull, my friends!

The conversation moved across various lines. There were some questions and lots of anecdotes. Our newest member had something of a breakthrough when she realized on an emotional level that all these experiences she had been having were quite normal in the medium world. We told her about Lilydale and she expressed an interest in visiting there.

It was a pleasant evening. We laughed, we talked, and we walked a bit more on our paths of self-discovery. We ran more than a half hour over. And then we were assigned homework.

We need to practice feeling the pull. So, if you see any ladies in the park standing still, then suddenly, being jerked to one side, you may have walked into a group of mediums practicing the feeling of the pull.

Good luck!

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 16, 2017

Brunch at Rider’s Inn

After Sunday morning meditation, a friend and I went to the local Inn for the Sunday brunch. Rider’s Inn is an old historic building, serving pioneers moving west on the Oregon Trail as well as escaping slaves moving north on the Underground Railroad. There is a lovely restaurant complete with a “spirit corner”, a pub with a beautiful wooden bar, and rooms upstairs where travelers can still rent beds.

Of course, the Inn is haunted.

There are many departed folks who love the Inn as much as we do. If you are sensitive to them, you can see them moving from room to room and climbing or descending the stairs. There is a landlady from the 1800s who continues to keep an eye on her home. The “spirit corner” in the restaurant is the front table on the eastern side of the room, with lovely long windows which drench the tables in sunlight. While I do not have clairvoyance, I am clairaudient. Sometimes, I have heard jovial spirits laughing at the jokes I tell. It is a lovely, friendly, delightful place to visit. The food is good, too.

Today, it was decorated to the hilt for Halloween.

The Inn is the scene of several events during the year. This month, there were talks about haunted crime scenes in Ohio. There were four nights this month devoted to this “ghostly” topic, and I imagine that each night was a sellout. Dim the lights and tell a good story, and I am sure the resident spirits will be entertained, also.

Of course, there will be a Halloween party there. It will be the Saturday before and everyone is invited. You may come in costume, if you wish. It is a social event, and the spirits will be enjoying the company dressed in all their splendor.

Honoring our ancestors can also include honoring our old, historic buildings. Check one out in your neighborhood this year! Who knows what spirits will be greeting you when you arrive?

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 15, 2017

Return of the Bees

Usually, in the spring, I count the bees on the azaleas that bloom outside my living room window. Many years ago, there was a respectable number, but over time the number has declined. For a few years, there weren’t any at all.

Two years ago, a neighbor up the street put a bee hive out by the creek. It was too late for the azaleas, but it looked like a step in the right direction. That particular house sits back in the woods, so I don’t know what type of gardens they tend. But any step toward bee population renewal is a positive one, and I wished them well.

This year, the family farm next to me installed 10 bee hives. The hives are arranged next to the driveway and facing the field between their house and the farm stand. These bees have been busy indeed. They don’t bother me too much on the back deck, but they do visit when the wild roses bloom. The farmer’s wife was able to sell honey at the farm stand. I thought all kinds of warm and fuzzy thoughts.

When I got home from errands today, I noticed the wild asters growing in the front flower bed. I noticed them because they were crawling with bees. How busy they were! There were so many that I forgot to try to count them. It was a warm day, and the sun was directly on the flowers. The neighbor’s cat and one of the stray cats were wracked out on the sidewalk to the front door, each with its own sun spot, and a safe distance from the bees. For a while, I sat with them, and we three watched the bees on the asters.

The weather is due to change tomorrow, becoming cooler and more like October. But for today, the bees had a wonderful time in the flower bed. And the cats and I had a wonderful time watching them.

I will keep an eye out for them next spring. I can count the bees on the azaleas from inside the house. While the azaleas bloom, that might be the wise thing to do.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 14, 2017

Memories of Loved Ones Passed

Samhain is a time when we honor our ancestors. We tell the family stories, look at photos, record memories to leave behind when it is our turn to leave this earthly plain.

Earlier this year, my oldest daughter, T, asked my mother if she had anything in my dad’s handwriting. Mom searched her memory for a while, then invited my daughter into her bedroom.

On her bureau, Mom keeps a photo of my dad in his Army officer’s uniform (WWII). At the bottom of the picture, he had written, “Yours Forever, Love, Ed”.

“Perfect!” my daughter said and, pulling out her phone, she took a picture of the photo with the inscription.

After returning home, she sent the photo to her sister, M. M took it to a shop near her, which inscribes signatures, etc., on items such as key chains. When the key chain was finished, M sent the box to her sister, who kept it a secret until she went to Mom’s this weekend.

Imagine my 95-year-old mother’s surprise when she opened the box and saw the inscription!

Mom has been a little blue lately. She has lost many friends and most of her family. Dad died 8 years ago. My cousins have been really good about visiting her, but theirs’ is a different kind of love than what she shared with Dad.

So she opened the box, and there was his pledge of eternal love. “Yours Forever, Love, Ed” is a constant reminder that he is with her all the time. Unlike the photo, she can carry the key chain with her, touch it when she needs to, and show it off to all her friends in the various church groups to which she belongs. His love is eternal, and she can hold the proof in her hand.

Samhain is a time to honor our ancestors. Call the oldest member of the family and ask about their childhood. Listen to a story you have never heard before. Ask about a family member who died before you were born. And, when it is time to hang up the phone, tell your family member that you love them.

Love is eternal.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 13, 2017

Decorations of the Season

The Temple of Gaia, once upon a time, used to be decorated for the holidays. This was at a time when the children were children and living at home. There is something magical about holiday decorations, and I loved putting magic into their lives.

The Temple of Gaia has not been decorated since they left.

I do love looking at other people’s decorations, however. Therefore, when the pharmacist told me it was half an hour wait for my prescription renewals, I trotted happily off to the Halloween aisle in the drugstore today. One entire row was candy, in brightly colored packaging. I sturdily turned my back on that and devoted my attention to the packages of costumes hanging temptingly before me. I do not remember ever being that young or that thin.

That aisle was devoted entirely to Halloween, but there were other holiday displays throughout the store. The card aisle had a plethora of brightly colored wares, one of which made it into my basket for my granddaughter. There was an end display of sparkling orange wreaths and strings of black and oranges witches riding on brooms. The kitchen aisle had baking pans in pumpkin or hissing cat shapes. Boxes of orange frosted or chocolate cookies made up the center display in the food section. And there was a large box in the middle of the main aisle with pumpkins – real pumpkins – waiting patiently to go home with someone for decorative purposes. I added 3 black votive candles to my basket and ended up at the prescription counter just as my renewals were ready.

As I pulled into the driveway, I thought about putting out some decorations. Then I thought again. Multi-colored leaves swayed in their trees by the walk to the front door. Birds of all colors swirled about, chirping their reminders that I need to think about filling the bird feeders. The neighbors’ cat greeted me at the car door, looking the very picture of the black witch’s cat. The farmer’s smoker was up and running, leaving a trace of wood smoke in the air. It is still too warm for the season, but my pulse quickened with anticipation.

Who needs flashy decorations when one has Gaia?

Don’t forget to fill your bird feeders!

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The Coming of Autumn

Today, there was rain for the third day in a row. The gloomy clouds overhead have been disguising some of the most common signs of the season. Today, however, I had errands to do and spent the day driving through the city, noting changes as I came across them.

The first sign was all the leaves covering the car when I came out to the driveway this morning. I had noted a few leaves falling here and there for the last few days, but this was unmistakable. The car was wet from last night’s rain, and the leaves had plastered themselves all across the body of the car and the windshields. As soon as the car started to move, the leaves scuttered off, flying into the air like a little leafy cloud. Ah, the sound of October! I smiled and turned Broom toward town.

I should tell you that the name of my car is Broom.

When Broom and I reached the edge of town, we passed a flower box with a sign which proclaimed that it was maintained by a couple who probably lived nearby. The marigolds were still bravely upright, but the leaves had been touched by frost and were drooping and black. Another sign of autumn! I thought of that couple, who had worked so hard all summer, having to remove the dying plants and prep the box for winter. Don’t we all have prep work to do for the winter of our lives?

We drove through a shower, but the rain had stopped by the time we reached the bank. For some reason, I had not brought a raincoat, so I was glad that the only wet was on the driveway as I walked into the bank. The air smelled clean and fresh, and I saw the first flock of birds flutter down to pick bugs and seeds from the grass. Flocking birds – yet another sign of autumn.

The rain did not start again, and, in fact, the sun peeked out as we drove home. I guided Broom through the back roads home, which had less traffic, and which afforded me the opportunity to check out the leaves. The landscape was still 70% green, but there were far more splashes of color than there were just a few days ago. By this time next week, we may be at peak color.

Autumn is definitely here. It was a peaceful day.

Take a moment and experience the outdoors. Become One with Autumn.

I intend to do it again tomorrow.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 11, 2017

The Morning Ritual

It was a misty, moisty morning today. As I headed for the kitchen, I glanced out to the back deck. There was the neighbor’s cat, sitting sphinx-like on the writing table. He was watching the farm dogs next door, but turned his head when he saw me pass the door. I waved, and he hopped down, stretched, yawned, and ambled his way over to the door, waiting patiently for treats. He is patient, for he knows that the feline priestesses get fed first. Besides, his owner feeds him before she heads to work. This cat is not hungry.

Mine, however, are. They have the routine down perfectly and weave their way gently around my legs while I get out their clean dishes and a spoon. One of them keeps up a self-absorbed conversation, always about how hungry she is. Another one perches on top of the family room chair, claiming her right to be the kitty who licks the lid of the can. The third one is the feral cat, who has lived with me for 10 years this month, and who hugs the feeding station and water dish for fear that I will not feed her at all. I marvel at her insecurity, even after all this time.

The indoor cats fed, I take a small scoop of dry food laced with a few treats out to the neighbor’s cat. His dish is tucked away on the back deck, sheltered from wind and rain. I have to be careful when stepping out of the house, for he is rubbing against the screen, and I do not want to step on him. He trots behind me to his dish and sniffs gently, just to make sure the treats are there. Then he races back to me, getting between me and the door. I have to sit down in a judiciously placed chair in order to receive the lavishness of his thanks. The chair is wet this morning. October! I glance up in time to watch two leaves gracefully drop onto the deck. When the cat goes back to his dish, I stand and sneak into the house.

Next, it is time to feed the two stray cats. They hang out at the front porch, where there is a feral cat house set up near the front door. They get treats with their food, too, but if I am late getting it out, the neighbor’s cat will amble around to the front and eat their treats, too. There is lots of growling, meowing, and general complaining if he shows up, so I prepare two dishes of food and get it outside as soon as I can.

As I step onto the front porch, the first thing I notice es the mist. October! It certainly seems spooky out there, and Inky, the littlest stray, is certainly happy for some company. Of course, the “company” shows up with two bowls of food. Who wouldn’t be happy to see her?

I sit on the porch step and meditate while she eats. It is a pleasant way to start the day. The neighbor’s cat shows up and checks out the second dish. The other stray has not shown up, so he helps himself to her treats. He may nibble lightly at the rest of the food, but this is only power dominance. This cat is not hungry.

To wake up in the morning, knowing that someone cares, knowing you will have food and water, is to start the day feeling loved and at peace.

My heart aches for Puerto Rico.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 10, 2017

Seekers Circle

Our Monday night discussion group at Spirals of Spirit has been revamped. We now have a schedule of focused discussions per month. The schedule now looks like this:

Week 1: All-Message Monday
Week 2: Seekers Circle
Week 3: Mediumship Exercises
Week 4: Outside speaker, which will be followed up the next month with a longer class or workshop. Topics will vary.

Tonight was the first Seekers Circle. Two new women came to our group, both talented mediums. It was a pleasure to meet new folks. It was also delightful to meet a few who have returned from a few months’ absence.

We shared our individual gifts and talked about some of our experiences. We talked about the problem of “coming out” to strangers or loved ones about being a medium. We did three short exercises by going around the circle and “reading” the person next to us on three different topics. It was a fun evening and a good start to the new schedule.

It is important to be with friends in a safe place. It is good to laugh and tease and question and comfort. Everyone needs a place where they can just be themselves without feeling judged. Everyone needs to feel loved.

I love you all, my friends.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 9, 2017

Sunday Morning Meditation

On Sunday mornings, a small group of us meet to start our week with meditation. Most of the attendees are mediums in training, but one woman is Hindu. We have different purposes for our meditations, and “R” has been kind enough to explain some things in Hinduism to us. She has explained the purposes of the four books of yoga, and she has explained to us the proper way to meditate.

Mediums use meditation to open themselves to spirit in order to receive and then give messages. This is purposeful. Mediums understand that there are other goals in meditation. But messages are what they do, and so meditation is used primarily for this purpose.

We had been meditating for some months before R realized that our meditation goals were different than hers. She very kindly explained the different levels of meditation. We were not surprised to learn that Hinduism would consider our form of meditation as a lower type than what they hoped to achieve. It led to a larger discussion of the types of meditations there are, including walking meditations (i.e. labyrinths), dancing (i.e. Dances of Universal Peace), Tai Chi, etc. Even prayer is a form of meditation. The world is a wide and varied place, and so are the connections we make to spirit.

R’s guru is coming to town in a few weeks. Today, she invited us all to come to dinner to meet him. This will not be a lecture (we have visited one of those some months ago), but rather an evening of food, friends, and conversation. It sounds interesting. And I am honored that she thought to ask us.

I’m sure we will bring spirits with us.

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