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Where Do Weathermen Sleep?

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Marie have come and gone leaving horrible damage behind them. For the past few weeks, I have been watching intrepid weathermen reporting on the power of the storms. The weathermen who are on the front lines arrive at a location early and stake out sheltered areas from which they can report as safely as they can. One Weather Channel reporter took us through her decision making process as to where to stand. The report was interesting and I was glad to learn that safety was a priority as they stood in the path of the storm.

There are other weatherpeople who are involved in the weather reporting process. Pilots, with planes stuffed with instruments, fly into and around the storms. The planes that break through to the eye are propeller planes, their pilots skillfully exiting and entering the strongest winds of the storm. Jet planes are used to fly around the edge of the storm, “mapping” the configurations of the hurricane.

All this data is sent to the National Weather Service scientists, where it is analyzed and distributed to the weathermen all around the country. They are the people who watch over us. They take their jobs very seriously indeed.

The network that I watch has a weatherman who literally did a 24 hour stint. Even the anchors were telling him to get some sleep. That’s when I began to wonder if he had brought a cot into his office. Was there a sofa in there? A futon? Clearly, hr was not going home in between camera shots. He started early in the morning that Irma was approaching the Florida keys. By the next morning, with Irma still rampaging over Florida, he looked gray. He had shaved, but he was obviously exhausted, even though he was clearly running on adrenaline. One of the anchors asked him if he had slept. “I can’t sleep,” he replied, “I’m fighting a hurricane.”

We are having storms tonight, even as another hurricane is striking the Gulf Coast. The local weatherman has tracked the course of our storms and is essentially doing a play-by-play of the rain. Somewhere the network weatherman is pouring over charts in preparation for his next on camera report. I will go to bed knowing that lots of people are working as hard as they can to keep us safe.

As we sleep, the weathermen watch over us.

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The Brothers Grimm as Comforters – Who Knew?

Earlier this week, I shared with you a story about making my granddaughter’s Samhain costume. Little Red Riding Hood’s cape is an integral part of this story, which I ended by wistfully mentioning that Grandmother did not fare so well at the end of the story.

This is why I love my readers. One of them left me a comment reminding me that the Brothers Grimm’s version has Grandma being rescued by the Huntsman as he slit open the Wolf’s belly. It is a little resurrection-y for me, but it lifted my spirits. So, thank you, Sandy! I would not have thought of the Brothers Grimm as being comforting to saddened Grandmas.

While sewing today, I caught a glimpse of a spirit whispering in my ear. “The Brothers Grimm! Those dear boys!” Morticia Addams (in Carolyn Jones’s voice) purred at me. Thank you, Morticia/Carolyn. Now I had a mission.

I spent half an hour with Wikipedia this evening reading through the biographies of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. I had always thought of these stories as being deeply dark and violent. As it turns out, one of the major criticisms of the first version of their book was that it was too frightening for children. So, the Brothers started rewriting. They removed sexual innuendo (Rapunzel) and a good part of the violence. Wilhelm was especially religious, so Christian symbolism was added to the stories. That is probably why Grandma emerged from the Wolf’s belly unsmothered and undigested. The versions of this story in other countries just say “Toodles” to Grandma.

I continue to sew, no matter my fate. Lily will have as beautiful and as comfortable a Red Riding Hood cape as I can make. If a wolf eats me, it had better be after the cape is finished.

The Brothers Grimm did their best to comfort Grandmas.

Who knew?

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Past Lives and Spirits

Yesterday afternoon, I was a guinea pig for a friend of mine who is taking a concentrated course in mediumship at Spirals of Spirit. The topic was the difference between reading spirits and reading past lives. The teacher explained how she recognized the difference, but acknowledged that each individual medium may have their own particular way to do that.

As we got into the heart of the matter, my friend struggled to read me. There were two past lives and two spirits who presented themselves. The teacher gave me the message from the spirits, who were my mother’s parents. It was a lovely message, and I passed it on to Mom after I got home.

My friend did the first past life, which was pretty straightforward. The second one, however, presented a problem. She saw stone walls and a long haired figure (me) face down on the ground. She saw a female, but the teacher interrupted.

“It’s a man,” she said.

“But I see a woman,” my friend said.

“It’s a man,” the teacher repeated. “Just because the figure has long hair does not mean it is a female.”

“I see blood,” my friend said. The exchange continued, and eventually my friend found the past life of a knave, 12 or 13 years old, who had been captured and tortured to get the message he was carrying. He survived, even though he did not give up the message. It was the first time, the teacher explained, that I had become aware of my Higher Self. It was in the days of knights, and so I have been aware of my higher self for a long, long time.

The discussion continued and the class eventually drew to a close. As we were clearing up to leave, I said that I had one thing to say about the second reading. I actually have a memory of being in a dungeon somewhere around the time of the French Revolution. I was a peasant woman, face down on the floor, bleeding from the mouth because they had cut out my tongue. I could not read or write and now I could not talk. How could I defend myself at the trial?

So be careful when you are reading past lives. Sometimes we have experiences that are very similar to each other. My friend saw the 1700s life at first, but eventually found the earlier life when the teacher prodded her.

I am glad I was able to help out my friend. I would do it again. It’s kind of amazing, though, the path of self-discovery spirits can lead us upon.

The moon is bright tonight. Let’s go dancing!

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Samhain Costume 2017

My daughter and I met at the fabric store with my 4 year old granddaughter, “Lily”. Lily had been debating what she wanted to be for Samhain for at least 3 months. This was Decision Day, however, the day we introduced her to the pattern books, which were chock full of pictures of monsters, fairies, animals, princesses, and various versions of Wonder Woman. It was afternoon. Lily had spent the morning at the beach. Nap time was looming. I held ferociously onto hope.

Of course, we had to look at every single page in the pattern books. Lily stood between our chairs, directing the turning of the pages, and entering into long discussions of her various wants. The woman who sat across the table from us must have been a grandmother also, for the slight smiles that crossed her face indicated that she was enjoying a very familiar moment. Lily is very verbal, and this weapon was liberally used in the service of a 4 year old’s reasoning abilities.

Finally, she insisted that she wanted the Little Red Riding Hood cape. I am a firm believer that a child should be warm while going Trick-or-Treating. So I pointed out that the cape should be over something else. Anna’s Winter Dress (from Frozen) seemed to be a workable compromise. My daughter and granddaughter fetched the patterns. I selected material for the cape, and we merrily went our separate ways.

My daughter was in charge of obtaining Lily’s measurements. When she emailed the measurements to me, she confided that Lily had once again changed her mind. “She wants to be a plumber,” I was told, “but I think we convinced her to be a plumber next year.”

I am diligently working on the cape. Grandmothers pour the magic of love into everything we make for our littlest ones, and I am no exception. She will look lovely in her dress and Little Red Riding Hood cape. Still, I ponder the irony of the situation.

After all, Grandmother does not fare so well in the story.

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A Day in the Country

It was a lovely day today. There was plenty of sunshine, and the country road was calling. So I went for a drive.

Some of the houses in the country were highly decorated for Samhain. One farmhouse family had turned its front yard into a graveyard. Pieces of skeletons protruded from the ground and from behind “gravestones”. Trees and bushes were draped in black streamers. There were even a few ghosts floating through the graveyard.

At another house, a poor hapless witch had attempted to land head first, her poor little yellow and black striped tights waving slowly in the wind. Personally, I think she may have had a few too many sips of her potion.

Eventually, I came to a coffee shop where I met two old friends for lunch. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and it was good to catch up. We talked about our current lives and reminisced about past memories. We made nebulous plans for a summer jaunt. Every once in a while, we need to dream.

On the way home, I stopped at the few farm stands still open. The late fall veggies looked delectable. There was a wide variety of squash and a choice selection of hot peppers. Boxes of garlic adorned the shelves. Pumpkins were stacked in delightful displays, bringing color to the hay bales that were decorating the stand. I chose potatoes and string beans to come home with me. I will be sorry to see the last of the farm stands close.

Every once in a while, one needs to take a day to recharge one’s batteries. This was mine.

I hope you have one, too.

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A Place to Go Home

Late last night, a gunman committed the worse gun death tragedy in the United States. So far, the death count is 59 dead, more than 500 wounded, with several of the wounded in critical condition in the hospital. The country is in shock, and the tragedy has taken over all of the news and social media.

Did the gunman deliberately wait until October? Or did the energy of the time simply overwhelm him?

October is the month when the veil between the worlds thins as time moves inexorably toward Samhain. As the veil thins, it becomes easier to communicate with the spirits on the other side and they with us. We carry our state of mind with us as we step across the veil.

The Spiritualists refer to the act of death as “going home”.

It is well, I think, that we meditate on what we hope to accomplish before we go home. What is our plan when we arrive here? While we don’t really remember any specific plan as we go through the birth process, we do know that we all have certain instincts that speak to us as we progress through life. What makes us happiest? What do we find repulsive? What brings us peace?

We usually do not have a choice as to when we go home. Our time can come so suddenly. We can be in a car, a train, an airplane. We can be in a hospital, our house, outside. We can be in school, in a restaurant, at a concert. We can be in Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas.

We may be surrounded by our family, friends, loved ones. We may be alone.

Whatever the circumstances, the only guarantee is that we shall at some time go home. We are only here on a temporary basis. What will we do with the time here that we have?

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Odd Seasons

Two weeks before Mabon, the leaves began to turn.

I first noticed a burning bush in a yard not far from my home. It was in full blazing glory, and I wondered how the one in my yard was doing. I had not particularly noticed it, but I took care to look at it as I pulled into the driveway. It was green, solidly green. “Microclimates,” I thought to myself. “Aren’t they funny.”

The next day, I noticed a maple branch down the street in full golden yellow. Alone in its tree, it overhung the road as if to say, “Look at me! Look at what’s coming!” At the next red traffic light, I looked up and took stock of the forest canopy in front of me. Sure enough, there were the occasional touches of reds, yellows, and purples against the background of green. Less than 2% of the trees were changing colors, yet the sight of color was unmistakable.

In one way, I was not surprised. We had had a cool – even cold – summer. I had turned the heater on in the Temple of Gaia on August 15th. However, September had been somewhat warmer. I was not surprised then when the leaves seemed to progress no further.

Changes were still occurring, though. Homeowners began to decorate for fall in earnest the week before Mabon. I was touched to see it, because Samhain has traditionally been the most heavily decorated holiday in this area. Last year, though, there had been remarkably few decorations in October. This year, they were appearing in September, and they were a welcome sight to see. Mabon was beautiful this year, what with the decorative corn stalks and festive pumpkins adorning yards all around the area.

The local farm stand closed for the winter the day before Mabon. This is another sign of autumn.

Then the heat wave arrived. This past Wednesday was the 6th straight 90 degree day for us. It was as if we had reverted to August. I turned off the heat and turned on the air conditioner. The feline priestesses of the Temple of Gaia were as confused as I was.

The temperatures have cooled off again. Last night there was frost. Today, the sunshine will warm us into the low 70s. The heat is back on, and the stray cats have found winter places to sleep.

We have had August, September, and October weather in the last 7 days. The seasons feel mixed up.

All we can do is enjoy the ride.

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Blogging as a Spiritual Discipline 2017

Once again, it is time to begin the exhilarating, tortuous, exhausting, thrilling and relentless practice of blogging as a spiritual discipline.

For the past few years, I have posted blogs on a daily basis for the 31 days leading up to Samhain. It is a way to work through some of the loose ends of life left from the past year, a time to appreciate the changes of the season, and a time to explore one’s hopes for the future. This blogging time ends in Samhain, the New Year of my tradition. The New Year is a fresh start. Therefore, blogging may end up being an opportunity for a cathartic experience.

I am not sure how cathartic it will be for you, but I will do my best to make it interesting, at least.

I also hope to keep this as a dialogue of sorts among us, my friends. Some of you have told me about the way these posts fit into your daily lives. I have also received questions, observations, and anecdotes through the vehicle of the posts. I love to hear from you, so please don’t be shy!

Take a deep breath. Blow it out. Repeat 2 times.


Let’s blog!

Posted by: nightmistwalker | August 14, 2017

Preparing for Blogging

It has been some time since the mediums ganged up on me and “encouraged” me to write. I, of course, took their advice. However, it has been some time since I wrote in this forum. Time to catch up!

I have spent the summer working on four books. The books encompass one story, which covers quite a span of time.  True to form, the characters are beginning to talk to me. Not only are they telling me how many more scenes I need with them, but also which books the scenes are in. Yesterday, they started to tell me how to arrange the scenes.

It is time for a break.

Having surfaced into real life, I realize that I only have a bit over a month before it is time for the annual spiritual discipline of blogging on a daily basis. Now I have to think of a list of topics to start this journey.  Suggestions are welcome.

Hope the end of your summer is going well.

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The Ostara Quiche

I have started to send presents to my daughters to reflect the holidays. For this, I am grateful to all the wonderful companies which prepare, package, and deliver their products for me. My major problem is one of location. When the girls got married, found jobs and moved, they recreated my worse nightmare. Yes, I have two daughters, each of which lives on two different oceans, 3000 miles apart. Sigh!

What to do?

Long distance celebrating appears to be the answer in these modern times. My older daughter is a cookbook editor with a food adventurous husband and a 4-year-old daughter. My younger daughter is a piscatorian with a food sensitive husband and no children. Since Ostara was the most recent impending holiday, I focused on eggs.

“You are NOT sending eggs by mail, are you?” challenged my younger daughter.

“If I do, it will be in the form of quiche,” I responded.

“Ooooo, I like quiche!” she suddenly purred.

So I spent the better part of a month researching quiche gifts. Unsurprisingly, most quiche gifts are literally quiche dishes or pans. There are many quiche recipes online, also. But it was the real thing that I was after. Fortunately, there were a few companies that did indeed send quiche. My only complaint was that none of them mentioned the size of the product that I was ordering. Was I buying a 9″ quiche? 8″? 4″? I could only take a leap of faith. I left it in the Goddess’ hands and sent in the order.

It was my older daughter who responded with alacrity. “Thanks for the gift. It is in the oven now. I explained to my daughter that it was scrambled eggs pie.”

My granddaughter has a gifted sense of smell, however. (She gets that gift from my mother, not from me.) “It’s macaroni and cheese pie!” she announced happily.

“Did you serve it with macaroni?” I asked.

“No,” my daughter replied, “but one of the cheeses in the quiche is the same kind as I use for macaroni and cheese.”

Excellent sense of smell, my lovely little granddaughter! And a happy feast in two homes on the opposite sides of the country. Spring is here! Ostara rules! Balance is restored!

And thank you Harry and David for your caramelized onion and 3 cheese quiche.

Now I have to research Beltane.

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