Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 24, 2016

The Joy of the Writing Circle

Since the beginning of summer, I have been a member of a writing circle. We meet approximately 2 times a month. Members can read or listen. It is open to the public, although there seems to be a small core group. Sometimes, like today, we bring breakfast in. At other times, we just drink tea. Everything is fluid, except for one thing. Everyone who brings something written gets to read to the group.

Now, I hang out with mediums. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that many of our listeners are spirits. Sometimes the spirits listen without comment, sometimes they have something to contribute, and occasionally they demand that we make changes in our work. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen often. However, their presence reminds us that our audience is not just a commercial one. A rip roaring good story is a rip roaring good story, no matter who the audience is. It’s fun to think of spirits as well as humans when we write.

Our realization today was that reading one’s own work allows us to hear it with different ears. What seems clean and straightforward to us may not make sense to others. It gives us a direction to move in when we are not sure to go. Sometimes how we write solves problems for someone else. Those are very satisfying moments.

One of the scenes I read today was the final scene for the entire story. (Yes, I write out of order.) This scene is intended to be humorous, and I was very happy when I had to stop reading because the audience was laughing so hard that they literally could not sit upright at the table. This is the kind of feedback that keeps me going. Providing joy for others is food for my soul.

Therefore, I will plug away at it for another few weeks. As the story grows and nears completion, I am worried about what will become of it. But the spirits still gather while I write. As long as they are happy, so am I.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 23, 2016

Zombie Research Station

This evening, we visited the Zombie Research Station, conveniently located in a zombie infested corn field. It was located on the grounds of the Haunted Winery in Geneva, Ohio.
Many people were there, although from the sound of the screaming, fewer people probably left than arrived.

My friend’s birthday is October 31. She enjoys the entire Halloween season in all its splendor. It’s wonderful to see her interacting with the actors and trying all the fun houses on the grounds. It’s even better when I get to sit by the fire and warm up while she interacts with everyone there. Happiness is contagious, and she is very happy this time of year.

Highlights: Skeletons were climbing the exterior of the Winery all the way up to the roof of the turrets. The woman in the blood soaked kitchen, who was dismembering all of her friends, could have been someone we went to school with. The Marine in charge of the Zombie Research Station was doing great, but ratcheted up his energy when someone (me) cried out, “Sir,yes Sir!” I am apparently old now, and doddering, so my hand had to be held through the corn maze (mud) and in the Winery (stairs, dark, sudden flashes of light). There was a gorgeous sky, with scattered clouds and millions of beautiful stars. It was a lot of fun, and all the spirits who would ordinarily live there gave way to the visiting spirits who had a great time screaming.

All we needed was a shooting star. Perhaps we will see one tomorrow.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 22, 2016

The Season is Finally Starting

Usually by this time in October, there are a slew of events taking place for the season. Craft shows, haunted houses, parties, etc. begin to fill our calendars and/or communities. This year, though, things have been slow. It is as if nothing can happen unless the leaves start to change.

Or perhaps everybody has been going to the Cleveland Indians baseball games, leaving no time for anything else.

However, the leaves have finally started to turn. They are not at 50% yet, so I cannot say that we are at peak season. But most trees have clumps of soft color in them – reds, yellow, oranges, and purples dominate. And the first haunted festival is being advertised on the billboard outside of the county fairgrounds. Samhain is coming after all.

I continue to work on my granddaughter’s costume. The sleeves drove me crazy. Tomorrow is the zipper, and then all that is left is the trim, which needs to be done by hand. I am hoping to have it packaged and on the way by Monday.

There is something about sewing the costume which touches the core of my being. I remember the bunny costume, which both girls wore as their first costume. Later on, I made matching Little Witch costumes for the girls. My oldest daughter was a book one year. Their paternal grandmother made some costumes, also, especially one year when a really lovely fairy costume showed up at the house. My mother made a pumpkin costume for me one year, and I have also been a princess, hobos, and walking monsters. The costumes are as spectacular as a child’s imagination can make.

Zen and the art of needlework. Live fully in the moment, my friends.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 21, 2016

Railings and Encroaching Age

Tim came by and installed railings at the steps of the Temple’s front porch today. The porch railings are wooden and so are the new ones. It was awkward to climb two steps without a railing. The walk has sunk a bit over the years, so the first step was a bit higher than usual. The steps are wide, so it was not easy to grasp the top post and hoist myself up the steps. Getting old is not the easiest thing in the world. Hence, calling Tim was high on my list of things to do.

The rains have returned, and the temperatures have cooled. Once again, a hint of winter has returned to the land. The grey stray kitty had been chased from the food dish by Tim’s presence on the porch, and it was not until dark that she came to eat. I am going to have to do something about her before winter.

With winter, my thoughts have naturally turned to old age. Not that I am getting truly creaky yet. After all, I do have a 94 year old mother, who lives alone, entertains well, still drives to the store, and keeps up with the news of both the church and the neighborhood. I have a ways to go to keep up with her. Still, there is no time like the present to begin to prepare.

Next spring, Tim’s big project will be to redo the steps to the back deck. They are increasingly wobbly and probably were built with one too few risers. So it is time to make them more sturdy. I will not have to put a grab bar at the interior garage door, as there was one in place when I bought the place. I will have to have the garage door fixed, as it broke within a half hour of Tim’s leaving today.

The Wheel of the Year turns, as does the Wheel of Life. We fix, prepare, and repair as best we can. We can get all hyped up about it, or we can grow old as gracefully as we can. We can savor the pleasures of life as we go, to the best of our ability.

N.B. The Tribe is going to the World Series! Yesterday was not such a bad day after all.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 20, 2016

Sometimes There Is Simply Nothing to Say

What can I say? Tonight was the third Presidential debate and today I had a root canal. There was nothing spiritual about either of those things.

And so, the Feline Priestesses and I are going to bed. Perhaps things will look better tomorrow.

Good night!

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 19, 2016

The Path of Least Resistance

The conversation at the Learning Center last night turned to manifestation and visualization. Energy is energy we all agreed, and energy behaves in many situations just like all energy does. In physics, energy follows the path of least resistance. In manifestation, energy does the same thing.

Our group leader used the baking of a cake as an example of manifestation. We manifested “cake”, and spirit moved us around gathered flour, pans, measuring spoons, and butter. Then we added “chocolate”, and spirit had to move us to the grocery in order to buy chocolate. Then we added “Cherries”, and spirit had to move us again. The more we added to the manifestation, the more moving around we had to do. Nothing was right there. Some of our paths became quite convoluted.

Spirit follows the path of least resistance. One stop may be hard or unhelpful, while another stop may lead to stop #2, then to stop #3, and onto, eventually, stop #10. Spirit does not care how many stops we take, as long as the goal is accomplished. We can help by paying attention and going with the flow.

It was an interesting discussion, though it roamed a bit, and left me with an inexplicable craving for cake.

Imagine my surprise, then, when today I happened on a reminder of our discussion. I have been reading “Opening to Channel” (by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer) at the beginning of my meditation session. The part I chose for today discussed the various methods a guide may use in order to come through to you with a message. The authors talked about many ways to experience spirits and the messages they send. The summation was: “Guides will choose the easiest way to get their messages through.” “Aha!” I said to the stray black cat, “the path of least resistance!”

We all tend to think of ourselves as having different gifts. Clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc., are all considered to be different. Yet, really these are just methods that spirits use to talk with/through us. Our clay is unique – we are all different, and so spirit needs to tease out the most efficient way to connect with us. We just need to recognize what is happening.

Go with the flow, my friends! The less resistance you put up, the easier becomes your Path.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 18, 2016

Trust Your Intuition

The Monday night discussion group at the local Learning Center has monthly themes. Lately, we have been discussing spirits and the aid and help they provide us. Our group leader likes to remind us of the basics. Tonight, the basic admonition was to “trust your intuition”.

The classic example is the person who is called, pushed or inadvertently distracted from their normal course to work. At some later point, the person realizes that they missed being involved in a large, fatal accident. Something like that happened to one of our group leader’s employees last week. We are glad that her employee is safe. We also recognize that this is a fairly large deal.

“Trust your intuition” usually starts small. Most of us are born with some type of intuition. As we age, we suffer the slings and arrows of parents, teachers, siblings, peers, etc. Most of us submerge our gifts and many do not reactivate them. However, more and more of us are coming back. As we take our first “baby” steps toward re-experiencing our power, our self-confidence begins to grow.

So, practice trusting your intuition. Close your eyes and “see” the missing car keys. Listen to the voices hovering just behind your ears. It may not hurt to jot down the intuitions you are experiencing. That way you will end up with a simple story line.

And,perhaps, you may end up at the local Learning Center where they will model the best our guides can provide us.

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The discussion at the potluck today was about clarity.

Two of us are in the throes of the writing process. After the greetings, the questions turned to what was going on. I was honest. One of my characters is going to commit a murder this week, and I want to get into his head and out again as quickly as possible. Laura decided to help me. We talked about his essential character (unsavory), possible motives (self-preservation, at this point), and attitudes (a robust sense of power and entitlement). I was glad for the help, and she had fun, too. She did remind me that all of us have a little bit of that in our spirits, also. I agreed, but added that I did not want that bit “stuck” in me, and so would be glad to be rid of it. I will start writing tomorrow, and the murder will be finished by Saturday. Then I will do a cleansing and purification ritual. I really don’t need more negativity swirling around me at this point.

This problem-solving exercise was an example of clarity. Laura had given the morning lecture and was now applying her wisdom to my book. We both agreed that discovering clarity is easier in a book than it is in our “real” lives. Still it is worth the effort to occasionally step out of the craziness that surrounds us and try to puzzle out the barest, clearest essentials of any given situation.

Are there situations or groups in which you do not feel that you “fit”? Are there others in which you do? Try to analyze, then verbalize, the differences. Don’t just look at the physical world around you when doing this analysis. Think of the spiritual world as well. An unsatisfied spirit can cause a bit of havoc in anybody’s world.

It is not easy to find clarity. The search itself, though, is a worthwhile endeavor.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 16, 2016

Honoring Our Ancestors

It is the Samhain season. One of the traditional things we did when the children were small was to call the grandparents at Samhain and ask about the relatives they remembered from their childhood. Tonight, though, it was my turn to get one of those calls!

One of my cousin’s daughters and I talked for an hour tonight about old family stories. We started with the genealogy and moved on to family websites. She shared photos of the homestead on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We talked about folks we both knew and some only I knew. It was a lovely conversation.

Some years ago, I had written the story of how my grandparents met. I tried to include as much detail of their lives as I could (my grandmother started working as a seamstress in a sweatshop when she was 12; my grandfather had a sleigh and presented cards to young ladies whom he wanted to date). My cousin’s daughter had run across the story while she was visiting my mother and wanted to talk about it. So I gave her my theory of family genealogies.

Dates and names are fine, as well as specific – or at least general – locations. What we all really crave, however, is some sense of who these people were. My story about my grandparents’ love affair was an attempt to do this. My cousin’s daughter loved the story as she had never met them. I invited her to make a copy of it, and now I know that they will live in another branch of the family as well as my own.

Now for the challenge: How about doing the same? Think back in your family to the people you have known the longest. Pick one and write their story. Include as much character detail as you can. Then, on Samhain evening, after the revelries are done, light the candles and share the stories with your loved ones. Over time, you will accumulate a collection which you can pass down to your families.

We are all unique individuals, but we are all touched in our formative years by the families that surround us. Take a bit of time to leave clues for those who follow to discover them.
You may even discover yourself.

And you may be surprised by how much you remember.

Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 15, 2016

A Day on the Porch

It was a bright and sunny day today. The black cat was at the back door looking for his breakfast, which occasioned all sorts of noise from the Feline Priestesses. The grey cat was at the front door, looking pathetic. Apparently, I had not provided food early enough for the 5 of them. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

And, speaking of providing food, many thanks to Sandy who sent me the link to the secret of John Podesta’s risotto. I am going to take some time with this, so it will not, after all, go to the potluck on Sunday. I will be experimenting with risotto for the next month, however, and hope to serve it to my mother for Thanksgiving. Thanks again, Sandy!

But I digress.

With much encouragement from the cats, I spent most of the day on the back porch. I finished cutting out my granddaughter’s Halloween costume and pinned lots of bodice pieces together. (The actual machine sewing is done indoors.)
I was visited occasionally by a cat and, even more occasionally, by a single falling leaf.

Yes, the leaves are just starting to fall. The trees in the woods are starting to show color now. Soft touches of yellow, orange, and red can be seen amidst the green. Hopefully, we will have peak leaf season next weekend.

Lovely as the day was, tonight is even better. All afternoon and night, the tractor next door has been running. I would have thought that the harvest was done, but they may be hauling trees that they have felled, and so they are working late by the light of the full moon. It is after midnight now, and I am hoping they stop soon.

Not, of course, because I want to go to bed. Rather, I want to go dancing under that moon, and I would prefer that the neighbors were not watching. It feels a bit like meditating for an audience. It can be done, by why?

And so, my friends, it is time to go. Sweet dreams, and feed the cats on time!

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