Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 30, 2018

Down the Homestretch

My 31 days of blogging as a spiritual discipline are drawing to a close. This year was easier than the others for some reason. Topics seemed to come in easily. Sometimes, I would start writing about something else and the post would get a mind of its own. When a post wrote itself, I would just sigh and change the title. Thank you, spirits, for all your help.

The veil is getting thin, indeed, if all the spirits need is my fingers on a keyboard.

I finished moving stuff around in the garage about 20 minutes ago, and now my car can be in the garage for the winter. This is a major improvement over last year. The car is getting older, as am I. Soon, both the car and I will be the ancestors. I wonder what stories will be told about us?

Maybe I should get busy and make some good stories for my descendants to tell. Hmmmmm.


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