Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 25, 2018

Adventures With A Camera

The question has arisen: What is this bench of which you speak on your back deck? Where are the photos of your deck garden?

Some years ago, I lost my camera. It was a small digital camera, which allowed me to remove the chip and place it in my computer. The few photos that have graced this blog were entered by this method. Since losing the camera, I have had to rely on the good graces of certain family members to supply me with photos to share with you. While I am grateful for these photos, none of them show in any detail or scope the benches on my back deck.

These benches are large L-shaped structures filled with soil in which plants grow. I call them benches because that is what we called similar structures in the commercial greenhouse where I worked 30 odd years ago. These structures sit on the deck. The two that were in position when I bought the house were filled with shrubs. The two azaleas grace the bench in front of the living room window. The bench across the deck from this one was filled with (mostly) juniper bushes which slowly died in the 19 years I have lived here. This summer those bushes were removed when I had the deck worked on. Right now, it is empty except for the garlic bulbs I have planted in it. They won’t be visible until next year.

I had a third bench built this summer which also looks empty except for a small blueberry bush at one end. There are some crocus bulbs planted in it and some butterfly weed seeds, but they are not visible either. Empty benches are empty benches. Next summer, they will look more interesting.

My cell phone is an antique flip phone which does not have a camera in it. One Yule, one of my daughters did give me a camera which does not have a chip I can insert into my computer. Instead, it has a cable attachment which allows me to download photos directly into my computer. I tried doing this two weeks ago, but the computer did not grab what the camera was sending. Something is wrong, and I have not yet figured out how to make this work.

This explanation carries with it an apology for not providing photos in the blog. I have felt no urgency since there are no visible gardens in the benches and won’t be until spring/summer 2019. Hopefully, by then, there will be lots of photos.

I am going to leave it to your imaginations to visualize benches filled with flowers and veggies. Think of this as a mystery that will be solved “eventually”. If done well, you will have many hours this winter to ponder what exactly these benches will hold. I am happy to supply this minor entertainment during the dark, cold hours.

Perhaps, I may not even wait until next October to post a photo. We shall see about that.


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