Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 24, 2018

Aging and Eyes

I spent the better part of today at the eye doctor’s. This was my first visit with him, and he did a very thorough examination. He was personable, too, chuckling at my feeble jokes and explaining everything in detail. My eyes are getting older as is the rest of me.

This evening, I had a talk with my daughter, who caught me up with the eye problems of her dogs. One is going totally blind and deaf as well. The other is blind in one eye. Both are over 10 years old. She is looking at a time in the future when she will lose both of them.

I cannot imagine a world without color. I cannot imagine not being able to see the beautiful decorations of the season. The trees are changing color. There are many special events occurring at this time of year. I am grateful I can still see, but know the time of problems is likely approaching.

I cannot imagine being without my loved ones. The feline priestesses fill my life with joy. My children and grandchild do the same.

The veil is growing thinner. We need to appreciate the richness of our lives while we can.

Blessed be.


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