Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 13, 2018

October Rain

The front went through yesterday, and the temperatures dropped into the 60’s (F). The rain came today, and it got even cooler. Rumors of snow in the New York mountains began to flow.

There were not many leaves down yesterday. The few that covered the deck and sidewalk were dry and made that rattling sound that dry leaves make when one shuffles one’s feet through them. Tonight the leaves were wet when I got home. They formed wet clumps, clinging to each other in the wet and cold. Even Mr. Jackson Pollack Kitty (MJPK) was able to sneak up on me. Little cat feet usually move quietly, but they still make noise in dry leaves. Before I knew it, MJPK was in the kitchen checking out the cat food dish. He rated the quality of the indoor food as identical to his own, then graciously allowed himself to be shown out the back door into the October rain.

Most of the leaves, as it turns out, are still green and still attached to the trees they grew on. I shouldn’t complain about the downed leaves as there are so few of them. Still, I usually like to walk in the rain. I usually prefer to have the temperatures drop more gradually than they have. It is time to break out the winter jeans and sweatshirts.

The smell of the wet leaves is unique, also. Spring rains are warm and full of promise. Summer rains are warm with a hidden threat of violence. Autumn rains are harder and edgier. Winter rains are snow and sleet.

While I do complain about the temperatures, the 30 degree plunge did start at 87. We have a way to go before waiting at the bus stop becomes a life threatening adventure. The veil is getting thinner.

In November, the snow will come. For now, the rain is here. Thank you to Gaia for keeping our house intact.

Enjoy the rain.


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