Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 11, 2018

Hurricanes and Garden Pots

I confess that I am a weather watcher. One of my favorite channels is The Weather Channel. On an ordinary day, there is enough going on that the meteorologists can keep busy explaining and teaching us what is going on. They are all science geeks, as was my dad, and it is fun to see them getting all excited over clouds and thunder snow. Until, that it, a hurricane suddenly whips itself up. Now they get totally serious.

The genuine scientists are the first to get totally into the charts and graphs. Possible pathways that the storm may take get tracked and towns and cities are duly warned that they are in harm’s way. The meteorologists fan out across the predicted area, stationing themselves in such a way that one can easily envision one of them as being in horrible danger. Apparently, they all love the thrill of being blown away.

It is at this point that I start channel surfing. I watch 3 or 4 additional channels – the ones that are doing “all hurricane all the time”. I start to recognize who is stationed in which town, and sometimes even recognize who is standing next to whom – if the cameras get too close.

Of course, wind and water are huge engines of energy. In addition to making all the meteorologists excited, this energy stirs up spirits. The veil continues to thin.

And I was on my feet. Excitement kept me channel surfing and also kept me pacing back and forth. Finally, I figured out that I could put that energy to better use than just pacing. So, during commercials, I started winterizing my deck containers.

Some of the pots had been planted with seed that did not germinate. Those are the ones I worked on today. The old dirt was discarded and the pots themselves were scrubbed out. They were left to dry in the sun, which did not last long. We started getting rain late this afternoon. It came from the west and is due to last a few days. My pots will have to wait until next week before they are dry and tucked into the garage for winter.

Hurricane clean up will be going on into next week as well. Thousands of folks will be engaged in cleaning up tree debris and, sadly, pieces of their homes. I will be engaged in cleaning up my deck garden. We will be experiencing a difference in scale, but we will be joined together in the use of our energy.

Be safe tonight. Lend your energy to good works tomorrow.


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