Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 9, 2018

Mushrooms in the Lawn

As I pulled into the driveway tonight, my car’s headlights picked up a beautiful, large mushroom in the front yard. I passed a few more by the time I parked in front of the garage. They were shaped like beach umbrellas, that is, a “pole” arising from the ground with a very large slightly curved cover on top. These mushrooms were white in the headlights, but in daylight, they were a pale yellowish brown.

There were more mushrooms in the backyard this morning, and even more in the first 6 feet in the woods. They all had the same shape, but the colors varied along the entire brown and yellow spectrum. I do not know my mushrooms, but I do know “large” when I see it. The tops of these mushrooms were larger than the span of the palm of my hand. There were a lot of them, too. In fact, I have not seen as many mushrooms here at the Temple of Gaia in the 19 years since we moved in.

I was reminded of the autumn when I took a trip down to southern Ohio. On a trail in the Hocking Hills, I saw the most amazing display of mushrooms that I have ever seen. There had to have been as many of 70 different types of mushrooms along one half mile trail. They came in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. The colors rivaled the color of the autumn leaves falling around the mushrooms. I felt that I was on some sort of treasure hunt, with gems of all sizes and colors lining my path.

That is not quite the feeling on this day. For one thing, all the mushrooms in the back yard and woods look as if they are related. I read somewhere that fungi have an underground structure that sends the mushrooms up to gather sunlight and whatever other survival items they can use. I should go find my measuring tape and see how large that underground structure would be.

I never thought I would develop an obsession about mushrooms. Life takes funny turns sometimes.


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