Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 7, 2018

Halloween Houses

Today, I finally noticed two houses around town that have been heavily decorated for the holiday. It was a pleasure to see the creative work that people had indulged in with their homes. It is as if their house was a blank canvas where they could let their imaginations loose.

The first house is an old Victorian on the main avenue of town. It is a three story structure with a balcony on the second floor. The balcony has a wrought iron railing around it. Wrought iron also is used as a decorative touch around the doors and windows. The house is white and the black usually makes a distinctive statement against it. Add to that the Halloween decorations, and you have a breathtaking scene.

The decorations cover the front lawns (the house is on a corner) and up the steps to the door. The balcony is decorated also, including the second and third story windows. There are lights, which are hard to see in the daylight, and gravestones in the lawn. There are skeletons, and witches, and black cats, and just about anything else you can see there. There are glittery things everywhere. It is surprisingly tasteful considering the amount of decorations there are. This will be a fun house for children to trick or treat at on Halloween.

The second house is on a side street near the county fairgrounds. It is a bungalow and looks as if a Grammie witch lived there. There are pumpkins scattered in the front yard rather than gravestones. Most of the pumpkins are plastic, but there are 2 real ones guarding the front steps. Ghosts hang from trees, and a paper black cat is in the front window. It is adorable. Children would like to trick or treat there, too.

The thing is, neither house was decorated yesterday. In each place, the owner had to get up early (it was raining) and do all the work before noon (it was in the 80s). Yet both places transformed magickally before I drove past them today.

This holiday is beloved in this community. Before long, there will be many, many more Halloween houses like them. Decorations may vary, but they all evoke the warm feelings of the season.

And the children will find it fun to trick or treat at them.


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