Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 6, 2018

An October Evening

This evening, I had dinner with some friends at a popular Italian restaurant in town. We had lots of conversation along with our wonderful meal. There is nothing quite like homemade pasta and a thick, delicious sauce to fill the stomach and feed the spirit. We left the restaurant laden down with take home boxes, and walked into a beautiful October evening.

There were scattered clouds in the night sky, but Mars was visible and shining brightly. Stars twinkled intermittently as the clouds moved in between them. The moon was not yet up. The night was dark, and soft, and cooler than it had been this week. It was the perfect night for driving.

At night, it was easier to see the changes in the landscape. There is something about orange lights surrounding someone’s side yard that calls for you to pay attention. I don’t know if there will eventually be a display within those lights or if they are simply delineating a space for outdoor entertainment. That mystery will be solved within a few days, I think, and I am hoping to see something very creative in that space.

Occasionally, I would pass a street light shining upon a branch of a tree. The color of the leaves would usually be a type of green, and I would be glad that the disorienting effects of that touch of light would not deter me from heading home. The leaves, you see, were not a proper green, but a green that contained more than its share of blue. There were other leaf colors that seemed slightly off also: an orange that was too dark and seemed vaguely threatening, a red that looked more like dried blood rather than the fire engine red that the afternoon sun would highlight, or a yellow that looked more like mustard than actual yellow. These colors appear only once a year, and this year the colors had arrived.

There were a few more decorations out than there were the other night, but the political signs were still predominant. I need ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night! Until then, I will enjoy the company of my friends, along with good food, and nighttime drives.

One never knows what one will find in the night.


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