Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 30, 2017

A Surprise Gift

Woke up late this morning and made a mad dash for Sunday morning meditation. Managed to feed the cats, but not myself. Pulled off my pajama bottoms and pulled on a skirt. Tied back my unbrushed hair. Put my coat on over my pajama tops, slipped into sandals, threw the stuff I had put on my purse last night into the purse, and ran out the door. It was cold and raining, and it was one minute before 9:00 a.m.

Meditation is billed as starting at 9:00, but there is usually a few minutes to greet people before we get started. I sent a quick mental message to the mediums to tell them I was coming. However, I did not let them know how I was dressed. I really did not want to think about it.

I heard them mention my name as I went up the stairs. As I stepped into the room, the minister said, “Just grab a blanket. The heater is off.”

She was right. It was very cold in there. I grabbed a blanket and walked to my seat. That is when I noticed the package. It was on the seat next to mine, with a sticky note on top. On the sticky note was a message from one of the student mediums and addressed to me. The message was lovely, and at first I did not know what she was talking about. I thanked her and demurred that these nice things she said really should not be applied to me. Then I looked more carefully at the gift.

It was a pad of lined paper that is sold for list making. It was encased in clear plastic, which held a pencil tightly against the pad. The decoration at the top of the pad was of a group of black-capped chickadee! That’s when I woke up. She had shopped for something to surprise me! I was overwhelmed with emotion.

Chickadees! I love those nosy little birds. I love to feed them, watch them, and talk to them. That is why I have named this blog after them. How thoughtful of her to have found this gift just for me!

The gift, as it turned out, was for Samhain. This young woman is not a pagan, but has been carefully listening as the Spiritualist minister and I have been talking. “Happy Samhain,” she smiled. “Can you say ‘Happy Samhain’? Is that right?”

The minister and I both assured her that it was quite all right. “It’s the New Year,” I explained. “Happy New Year.”

Now she grinned. “Happy New Year!” she said happily.

We are all interconnected. We have no idea how many people we effect every day. We are oblivious to our actions, words, and moods, and what effect those things have on others. To say that I was surprised is a complete understatement. To say that I was deeply touched goes without saying.

Thank you, my dear friend. You have made an old lady’s heart happy. Blessed Be.



  1. I am touched. ❤️

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