Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 28, 2017

The Glow in the Dark

It was dark as I drove home this evening. Usually, I am out and about during the day. However, there was a lot I had to do today, and I was late getting home.

In town, of course, there are plenty of lights. Stores are still open for business, traffic lights are busy, street lamps are on, and cars and trucks ply their way through the city streets with headlights blazing. As you get closer to the country,though, there are fewer traffic lights and street lights, and residential homes do not use as many lights as a store does. Darkness begins to slowly dominate the landscape.

Or, at least it did, until I turned a corner and saw an orange glow ahead of me. Someone had decorated the entire front of their house – roof, windows, doorway, porch railings, sidewalk lamps, etc. – with tiny orange lights. They glowed like only tiny orange lights can glow. There were thousands of them. Additionally, there were spot lights in the yard lighting up a veritable dream world of ghosts, witches, cauldrons, tombstones, and Dracula. All of the outdoor balloons were lighted from within, adding a multi-colored glow to the orange. It was surreal, and beautiful, and a fantasy world all rolled into one.

I had barely passed through the orange glow when I saw another glow further down the street. This one was orange also, although not as bright as the first one. This house had only decorated around the door and windows with the same tiny orange lights. Though not as entertaining as the first house, the glow still projected warmth and welcome.

And so the drive home continued. Spotlit yard displays, lights from holiday themed decorations, stacks of pumpkins, every type of tableaux one could think of guided my way home. As I went further into the country, the displays were further apart, but still companionable.

Finally I turned into my driveway. Most of the neighbors were not yet home, so the darkness enveloped me. As I pulled up to the garage, however, I was confronted with the best Halloween decoration of all.

The next door neighbor’s black cat was stretched out across my garage door, awaiting my return. As I came to a stop and shut off the engine, he stood and stretched and walked over to greet me, his green eyes glowing in the headlights. Who would not feel welcomed by such a fine familiar?

Who would not feel loved?


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