Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 27, 2017

Color At Last!

Something was up with the cats last night. I was hanging out in my easy chair, when I noticed the presence of Feline Priestesses all around me. I really do mean “all around”, too! One was in my lap, one was stretched out on the back of the chair, and the third had taken over the arm on the right side of me. This one was asleep and snoring. The other two were awake and alert and having a purring contest with each other. What was going on here?

Every once in a while, one or the other awake cats would lift their head and gaze out the back door. Other than a stray cat or a stray raccoon, I could think of no reason for them to do this. It was dark, and I was not about to fling 3 contented Feline Priestesses off my body to go check for wandering wildlife. Finally, I heard what they knew was coming. Rain began to fall, and all three heads (this includes mine as the third cat was still asleep) turned to the door.

There is something comforting about cuddling up with the ones you love on a rainy, windy night.

By this morning, the rain had stopped, but the breezes continued. It was a cool, crisp morning when I went outside to feed the strays, and I noticed that the woods across the creek were glowing a golden color in the east. As the day progressed, the temperature did not increase that much, but the sunlight washed generously over the landscape. And there was the color! Orange, red, purple, and yellow merged into each other at the sides of the road. We did not miss peak leaf season, after all. It was today, and it was beautiful!

It is late, though, and November is coming. Already, there are groves of trees that have dropped all of their leaves. They stand against the horizon, their bare branches tossing in the wind. Autumn may be in this moment, but winter is hard on its heels.

So gather your cloaks, my dearies, tie your hats on tightly, and rev up the brooms for a few days of good riding! Samhain is coming, and we have ancestors to visit, stories to tell, and dances to be danced.

And if you take your cats riding with you, listen to them carefully. Amongst all the purring, you may hear a sleeping kitty snoring.


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