Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 22, 2017

The Garage Sale May Be Over, But the Spiritual Discipline Is Not

Today was the last day of the garage sale. We brought delight to the hearts of several people. One man was celebrating his birthday and was overjoyed to find presents for himself. A grandmother and grandfather ransacked the children’s clothes, finding coats, T-shirts, a jacket, and a Halloween costume for their loved ones. Another gentlemen sat in a chair, sinking comfortably into it, and exclaimed, “It rocks!” while a look of bliss spread over his face. One couple came back an hour after the sale closed to ask about one more purchase, and ended up not only making the purchase, but entering into a conversation with us that seemed a long step to friendship.

Many people told us that they had come to our sales faithfully over the last 5 years. Several inquired about a specific item they had seen. Most seemed genuinely pleased that the item in question had found a new home.

We recognize the faces of some of the people who visit us. Others are complete strangers. Still, we smile and welcome them, and warn them that there is a step down into the interior portion of the sale. One bright days, we warn them to allow their eyes to adjust to the darkness. We try to speak to each person who passes our way.

Though we are exhausted, we are exhilarated, too. We have made plans for a garage sale in the spring and have even managed to pack accordingly. We have tucked away some business cards that we were given and written down some names of people we want to greet again. Our love extends to others. Our memories need some help with names.

The feline priestesses were waiting for me tonight. It was getting dark, and their meowing welcomed me home. I would love to say that they were demanding dinner, but they were also expressing their satisfaction that I was home. Tired now, I sit in my chair writing to you, kitties napping in the background, candle flickering at my side.

The garage sale is over, but the spiritual discipline continues on.


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