Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 19, 2017

Building the Skeleton

When it comes to garage sales, “the skeleton” is the framework of tables, shelves, walkways, and the carousel from which we hang clothes.

I always like setting up the skeleton. The progress is obvious, as opposed to actually putting items on the tables, shelves, and carousel. That can take forever, especially since, once we start, buyers start showing up. Sometimes, they just look, but frequently the early birds buy stuff, which means there is more room to put more stuff out.

Our garage sale starts at 9:00 a.m., after the school buses have pulled out of the driveway. However, people don’t always pay attention to the advertised times. So, I am not surprised when I show up at 8:15 a.m. to find cars and pick-up trucks clogging the driveway. The first task on those days is to convince the drivers to pull onto the grass in front of the garage sale. Most people are cooperative, but some argue with me until the first school bus shows up and blows its horn. It is surprising how fast some men can run when they realize that a school bus is a whole lot bigger than their truck.

Today was the calm before the storm. I set up the tables and stacked some full tubs under them. These tubs all had lids, so I had no problem leaving them outside over night. I then unloaded my car. More tubs went under tables, but the clothes and loose items went inside.

The “inside” at my friend’s house is an old greenhouse in the back part of her property. The glass is long gone, and the outside has been covered with wood, but there is still a small heater inside, which helps in the fall. The skeleton on the inside was still set up from a garage sale we held earlier in the year. There were two lockers, however, that we had not sorted through and holding mostly VHS tapes. So I spent an hour cleaning out the two lockers and sorting through all those tapes. When I was finished, I used the two lockers to set up a display area for all the boots we were selling.

I will open tomorrow (it’s the school buses thing), and I expect to find that the outside skeleton has changed. My friend is thinking about moving and has sorted through her furniture so see what she can do without. I left gaps between the tables to be filled with furniture pieces. It will be a surprise when I get there.

Like any form of spiritual discipline, the path may be long. Work has to be put into it. In the end, you may be surprised at what you find.

Happy garage sailing, everyone!


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