Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 17, 2017

Feeling the Pull

Tonight’s discussion at Spirals had to do with experiencing the pull a medium feels when she is locating a person for a message. Our leader explained that, the first time she experienced the pull, she was pulled sideways across the stage at one of the outdoor message venues in Lilydale, New York.

Then she demonstrated this motion for us.

We spent the next little while experiencing the pull. Mine was gentle, a steady pull on one hip which forced me to take a step in order not to fall. Two others in the group felt it also and, perhaps, stronger than mine. The third lady, though, was jerked nearly off of her feet. All of us were surprised and delighted. There was absolutely no denying that pull, my friends!

The conversation moved across various lines. There were some questions and lots of anecdotes. Our newest member had something of a breakthrough when she realized on an emotional level that all these experiences she had been having were quite normal in the medium world. We told her about Lilydale and she expressed an interest in visiting there.

It was a pleasant evening. We laughed, we talked, and we walked a bit more on our paths of self-discovery. We ran more than a half hour over. And then we were assigned homework.

We need to practice feeling the pull. So, if you see any ladies in the park standing still, then suddenly, being jerked to one side, you may have walked into a group of mediums practicing the feeling of the pull.

Good luck!


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