Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 16, 2017

Brunch at Rider’s Inn

After Sunday morning meditation, a friend and I went to the local Inn for the Sunday brunch. Rider’s Inn is an old historic building, serving pioneers moving west on the Oregon Trail as well as escaping slaves moving north on the Underground Railroad. There is a lovely restaurant complete with a “spirit corner”, a pub with a beautiful wooden bar, and rooms upstairs where travelers can still rent beds.

Of course, the Inn is haunted.

There are many departed folks who love the Inn as much as we do. If you are sensitive to them, you can see them moving from room to room and climbing or descending the stairs. There is a landlady from the 1800s who continues to keep an eye on her home. The “spirit corner” in the restaurant is the front table on the eastern side of the room, with lovely long windows which drench the tables in sunlight. While I do not have clairvoyance, I am clairaudient. Sometimes, I have heard jovial spirits laughing at the jokes I tell. It is a lovely, friendly, delightful place to visit. The food is good, too.

Today, it was decorated to the hilt for Halloween.

The Inn is the scene of several events during the year. This month, there were talks about haunted crime scenes in Ohio. There were four nights this month devoted to this “ghostly” topic, and I imagine that each night was a sellout. Dim the lights and tell a good story, and I am sure the resident spirits will be entertained, also.

Of course, there will be a Halloween party there. It will be the Saturday before and everyone is invited. You may come in costume, if you wish. It is a social event, and the spirits will be enjoying the company dressed in all their splendor.

Honoring our ancestors can also include honoring our old, historic buildings. Check one out in your neighborhood this year! Who knows what spirits will be greeting you when you arrive?


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