Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 15, 2017

Return of the Bees

Usually, in the spring, I count the bees on the azaleas that bloom outside my living room window. Many years ago, there was a respectable number, but over time the number has declined. For a few years, there weren’t any at all.

Two years ago, a neighbor up the street put a bee hive out by the creek. It was too late for the azaleas, but it looked like a step in the right direction. That particular house sits back in the woods, so I don’t know what type of gardens they tend. But any step toward bee population renewal is a positive one, and I wished them well.

This year, the family farm next to me installed 10 bee hives. The hives are arranged next to the driveway and facing the field between their house and the farm stand. These bees have been busy indeed. They don’t bother me too much on the back deck, but they do visit when the wild roses bloom. The farmer’s wife was able to sell honey at the farm stand. I thought all kinds of warm and fuzzy thoughts.

When I got home from errands today, I noticed the wild asters growing in the front flower bed. I noticed them because they were crawling with bees. How busy they were! There were so many that I forgot to try to count them. It was a warm day, and the sun was directly on the flowers. The neighbor’s cat and one of the stray cats were wracked out on the sidewalk to the front door, each with its own sun spot, and a safe distance from the bees. For a while, I sat with them, and we three watched the bees on the asters.

The weather is due to change tomorrow, becoming cooler and more like October. But for today, the bees had a wonderful time in the flower bed. And the cats and I had a wonderful time watching them.

I will keep an eye out for them next spring. I can count the bees on the azaleas from inside the house. While the azaleas bloom, that might be the wise thing to do.


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