Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 14, 2017

Memories of Loved Ones Passed

Samhain is a time when we honor our ancestors. We tell the family stories, look at photos, record memories to leave behind when it is our turn to leave this earthly plain.

Earlier this year, my oldest daughter, T, asked my mother if she had anything in my dad’s handwriting. Mom searched her memory for a while, then invited my daughter into her bedroom.

On her bureau, Mom keeps a photo of my dad in his Army officer’s uniform (WWII). At the bottom of the picture, he had written, “Yours Forever, Love, Ed”.

“Perfect!” my daughter said and, pulling out her phone, she took a picture of the photo with the inscription.

After returning home, she sent the photo to her sister, M. M took it to a shop near her, which inscribes signatures, etc., on items such as key chains. When the key chain was finished, M sent the box to her sister, who kept it a secret until she went to Mom’s this weekend.

Imagine my 95-year-old mother’s surprise when she opened the box and saw the inscription!

Mom has been a little blue lately. She has lost many friends and most of her family. Dad died 8 years ago. My cousins have been really good about visiting her, but theirs’ is a different kind of love than what she shared with Dad.

So she opened the box, and there was his pledge of eternal love. “Yours Forever, Love, Ed” is a constant reminder that he is with her all the time. Unlike the photo, she can carry the key chain with her, touch it when she needs to, and show it off to all her friends in the various church groups to which she belongs. His love is eternal, and she can hold the proof in her hand.

Samhain is a time to honor our ancestors. Call the oldest member of the family and ask about their childhood. Listen to a story you have never heard before. Ask about a family member who died before you were born. And, when it is time to hang up the phone, tell your family member that you love them.

Love is eternal.



  1. What great daughters you have!

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