Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 12, 2017

The Coming of Autumn

Today, there was rain for the third day in a row. The gloomy clouds overhead have been disguising some of the most common signs of the season. Today, however, I had errands to do and spent the day driving through the city, noting changes as I came across them.

The first sign was all the leaves covering the car when I came out to the driveway this morning. I had noted a few leaves falling here and there for the last few days, but this was unmistakable. The car was wet from last night’s rain, and the leaves had plastered themselves all across the body of the car and the windshields. As soon as the car started to move, the leaves scuttered off, flying into the air like a little leafy cloud. Ah, the sound of October! I smiled and turned Broom toward town.

I should tell you that the name of my car is Broom.

When Broom and I reached the edge of town, we passed a flower box with a sign which proclaimed that it was maintained by a couple who probably lived nearby. The marigolds were still bravely upright, but the leaves had been touched by frost and were drooping and black. Another sign of autumn! I thought of that couple, who had worked so hard all summer, having to remove the dying plants and prep the box for winter. Don’t we all have prep work to do for the winter of our lives?

We drove through a shower, but the rain had stopped by the time we reached the bank. For some reason, I had not brought a raincoat, so I was glad that the only wet was on the driveway as I walked into the bank. The air smelled clean and fresh, and I saw the first flock of birds flutter down to pick bugs and seeds from the grass. Flocking birds – yet another sign of autumn.

The rain did not start again, and, in fact, the sun peeked out as we drove home. I guided Broom through the back roads home, which had less traffic, and which afforded me the opportunity to check out the leaves. The landscape was still 70% green, but there were far more splashes of color than there were just a few days ago. By this time next week, we may be at peak color.

Autumn is definitely here. It was a peaceful day.

Take a moment and experience the outdoors. Become One with Autumn.

I intend to do it again tomorrow.


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