Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 9, 2017

Sunday Morning Meditation

On Sunday mornings, a small group of us meet to start our week with meditation. Most of the attendees are mediums in training, but one woman is Hindu. We have different purposes for our meditations, and “R” has been kind enough to explain some things in Hinduism to us. She has explained the purposes of the four books of yoga, and she has explained to us the proper way to meditate.

Mediums use meditation to open themselves to spirit in order to receive and then give messages. This is purposeful. Mediums understand that there are other goals in meditation. But messages are what they do, and so meditation is used primarily for this purpose.

We had been meditating for some months before R realized that our meditation goals were different than hers. She very kindly explained the different levels of meditation. We were not surprised to learn that Hinduism would consider our form of meditation as a lower type than what they hoped to achieve. It led to a larger discussion of the types of meditations there are, including walking meditations (i.e. labyrinths), dancing (i.e. Dances of Universal Peace), Tai Chi, etc. Even prayer is a form of meditation. The world is a wide and varied place, and so are the connections we make to spirit.

R’s guru is coming to town in a few weeks. Today, she invited us all to come to dinner to meet him. This will not be a lecture (we have visited one of those some months ago), but rather an evening of food, friends, and conversation. It sounds interesting. And I am honored that she thought to ask us.

I’m sure we will bring spirits with us.


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