Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 8, 2017

Where Do Weathermen Sleep?

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Marie have come and gone leaving horrible damage behind them. For the past few weeks, I have been watching intrepid weathermen reporting on the power of the storms. The weathermen who are on the front lines arrive at a location early and stake out sheltered areas from which they can report as safely as they can. One Weather Channel reporter took us through her decision making process as to where to stand. The report was interesting and I was glad to learn that safety was a priority as they stood in the path of the storm.

There are other weatherpeople who are involved in the weather reporting process. Pilots, with planes stuffed with instruments, fly into and around the storms. The planes that break through to the eye are propeller planes, their pilots skillfully exiting and entering the strongest winds of the storm. Jet planes are used to fly around the edge of the storm, “mapping” the configurations of the hurricane.

All this data is sent to the National Weather Service scientists, where it is analyzed and distributed to the weathermen all around the country. They are the people who watch over us. They take their jobs very seriously indeed.

The network that I watch has a weatherman who literally did a 24 hour stint. Even the anchors were telling him to get some sleep. That’s when I began to wonder if he had brought a cot into his office. Was there a sofa in there? A futon? Clearly, hr was not going home in between camera shots. He started early in the morning that Irma was approaching the Florida keys. By the next morning, with Irma still rampaging over Florida, he looked gray. He had shaved, but he was obviously exhausted, even though he was clearly running on adrenaline. One of the anchors asked him if he had slept. “I can’t sleep,” he replied, “I’m fighting a hurricane.”

We are having storms tonight, even as another hurricane is striking the Gulf Coast. The local weatherman has tracked the course of our storms and is essentially doing a play-by-play of the rain. Somewhere the network weatherman is pouring over charts in preparation for his next on camera report. I will go to bed knowing that lots of people are working as hard as they can to keep us safe.

As we sleep, the weathermen watch over us.


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