Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 2, 2017

Odd Seasons

Two weeks before Mabon, the leaves began to turn.

I first noticed a burning bush in a yard not far from my home. It was in full blazing glory, and I wondered how the one in my yard was doing. I had not particularly noticed it, but I took care to look at it as I pulled into the driveway. It was green, solidly green. “Microclimates,” I thought to myself. “Aren’t they funny.”

The next day, I noticed a maple branch down the street in full golden yellow. Alone in its tree, it overhung the road as if to say, “Look at me! Look at what’s coming!” At the next red traffic light, I looked up and took stock of the forest canopy in front of me. Sure enough, there were the occasional touches of reds, yellows, and purples against the background of green. Less than 2% of the trees were changing colors, yet the sight of color was unmistakable.

In one way, I was not surprised. We had had a cool – even cold – summer. I had turned the heater on in the Temple of Gaia on August 15th. However, September had been somewhat warmer. I was not surprised then when the leaves seemed to progress no further.

Changes were still occurring, though. Homeowners began to decorate for fall in earnest the week before Mabon. I was touched to see it, because Samhain has traditionally been the most heavily decorated holiday in this area. Last year, though, there had been remarkably few decorations in October. This year, they were appearing in September, and they were a welcome sight to see. Mabon was beautiful this year, what with the decorative corn stalks and festive pumpkins adorning yards all around the area.

The local farm stand closed for the winter the day before Mabon. This is another sign of autumn.

Then the heat wave arrived. This past Wednesday was the 6th straight 90 degree day for us. It was as if we had reverted to August. I turned off the heat and turned on the air conditioner. The feline priestesses of the Temple of Gaia were as confused as I was.

The temperatures have cooled off again. Last night there was frost. Today, the sunshine will warm us into the low 70s. The heat is back on, and the stray cats have found winter places to sleep.

We have had August, September, and October weather in the last 7 days. The seasons feel mixed up.

All we can do is enjoy the ride.


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