Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 1, 2017

Blogging as a Spiritual Discipline 2017

Once again, it is time to begin the exhilarating, tortuous, exhausting, thrilling and relentless practice of blogging as a spiritual discipline.

For the past few years, I have posted blogs on a daily basis for the 31 days leading up to Samhain. It is a way to work through some of the loose ends of life left from the past year, a time to appreciate the changes of the season, and a time to explore one’s hopes for the future. This blogging time ends in Samhain, the New Year of my tradition. The New Year is a fresh start. Therefore, blogging may end up being an opportunity for a cathartic experience.

I am not sure how cathartic it will be for you, but I will do my best to make it interesting, at least.

I also hope to keep this as a dialogue of sorts among us, my friends. Some of you have told me about the way these posts fit into your daily lives. I have also received questions, observations, and anecdotes through the vehicle of the posts. I love to hear from you, so please don’t be shy!

Take a deep breath. Blow it out. Repeat 2 times.


Let’s blog!



  1. It’s October 1st. Which means — Pat’s birthday, Paris’s first No Car Day (for all of Paris — they’ve had partial ones before) AND your blog. Welcome.

  2. And welcome to you, too. Hope you enjoy this year’s spiritual discipline.

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