Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 31, 2016

The 31st Day

This month has flown by, and the goblins and ghosties and princesses, too, are gearing up for their night of begging in the dark. That was always the important part for me. It was the idea that we were in the dark, walking around the neighborhood, dodging cars and dogs, knocking on doors, and visiting old friends that filled my spirit with a sense of wonder and sacredness. The nights that there was moonlight were spooky enough, but the nights of the dark moon were truly the stuff of memories.

Today has been a day of winding things up. The morning meditation at the Learning Center was deeply peaceful. Then four old friends gathered together and shared memories, admired pictures and webpages, and discovered new layers of each other. This afternoon, the woodpeckers came knocking on the front door, explaining in woodpeckerese that they needed their very own feeder. I complied, and they, the chickadees, and the cardinals had a wonderful afternoon feast. There was (blessedly) only one political phone call. That is truly rare for Ohio!

I know I promised you last year that I would post more frequently. “More frequently” turned out to be once, for which I do truly apologize. I am hoping to do better this year.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Samhain! May the spirits walk with you always. May there always be sweetness in your life. And don’t forget to call the oldest members of your family and ask about their earliest memories.

Then write them down before you forget.

Blessed Be!



  1. Have a wonderful Samhain. Read you again next year — if not before.

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