Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 30, 2016

Preparing For Winter

It was in the 70s (F) today. It would have been a lovely late summer day if it weren’t for the overcast winter sky. With clouds like that, it won’t be long before it snows.

Therefore, today was the day to start solving winter problems. The most urgent problem is the care of winter birds. I have, for the last several years, fed the birds from the front porch railings. They are flat for the ground feeders. They are also good for the birds who would perch on feeders. The porch also has a row of taxus bushes across the front, which provides wind breaks and hiding places for the little birds. The bushes allow me to hang pine cones filled with peanut butter, suet, seeds, and dried fruit bits. This has been a very successful feeding place for the birds.

This year, there are two stray cats sharing the porch. This does not bode well for little hungry birds. I did fill and hang a bird feeder from the hook at the end of the porch. There are fewer bushes there, so the cats have less cover. I am planning to get some suet feeders to hang on the trees. Several birds use them, but we had 2 varieties of nesting woodpeckers this summer, so we will be ready for them. I haven’t made the pine cones yet, but they will be tied a bit farther from the porch than last year.

Suggestions are welcome! Feed the birds!


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