Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 29, 2016

An Old-Fashioned Victorian Seance

Tonight at the Learning Center, we participated in an old-fashioned Victorian seance. This was an opportunity to play with spirits while the veil is thin. We did the blacked out room, the trumpets, and the cabinet. If nothing else, it was an opportunity to sit in the dark with 12 friends, singing songs, laughing, and talking with any handy spirit who wafted through.

Now, lots of things can happen in a seance of this nature. However, tonight we did not have things flying about, no ectoplasm materialized, and no trumpets were used by spirits to shout at us. (Although, several people did see the taller one rock back and forth.) There was some knocking on the floor while we sang. There were several transfigurations. But best of all, two people channeled.

The first channeler was a young woman, who is a gifted medium. She had never channeled before, however, and afterward confessed to being a bit frightened during the experience. The spirit she channeled was a Native American woman who was kind and gentle. She spoke slowly and distinctly with a slight accent. She gave us healing messages. She liked the music and requested that we sing a song. Put on the spot like that, we sang “Jingle Bells”. She was gently amused, only making the observation that it was a white man’s song. So we sang “Home on the Range”, which she thought was lovely. When she left, the channeler remembered only a few things, having heard the conversation as if it had taken place in another room.

The second channeler was our group leader, a Spiritualist minister. Her spirit introduced herself as Mama Pele, who then gave us several messages regarding the health of the planet. The first message is that we are to take care of the health of our own selves. She told us not to focus so much on the long term fate of the earth, but to enjoy and appreciate it. She made the point that the natural process is to wipe out that which was there and then to rebuild anew. Mama Pele is direct and to the point. We thanked her repeatedly for caring about us.

I have now seen 3 people channel in the last week. I was fascinated by the physical changes that the channelers went through. I was also fascinated by the distinctive personalities that we came in contact with. There is so much to learn and experience in this world.

One caveat: Do not do this at home unless you are really experienced. This seance was a safe place, with many people watching out for each other. If you are interested in trying this, find a group who can provide a safe and caring environment.

And make sure you have plenty of water and some chocolate for afterward.


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