Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 27, 2016

Spiders Galore

I finally had a chance to drive around town today. I was saddened to see that there are not as many holiday decorations this year as I am used to. Usually, the entire area is decorated to the hilt. This year, however, everyone seems to have gone on vacation.

Or perhaps they have poured all their money into seats for the World Series.

So I was feeling somewhat depressed when I turned a corner and saw It.

There was a massive spider on some poor guy’s porch roof. It filled the entire space and was heading for the driveway. For one fleeting moment, I thought that perhaps it had just eaten the family. Then I realized that it was plastic. Whew!

Turning onto the next street, I saw a lawn filled with giant balloon animals. There was a ladybug and a bat and – sure enough – a giant black spider. Three animals filled the entire front lawn. I did not feel that they were eating anyone, but they certainly had the capacity for causing auto accidents.

After that, I noticed decorative spiders everywhere. Someone had wrapped all their trees and shrubs with a grayish netting and attached spiders to it. Someone else had lighted spiders lining both sides of his driveway. Spiders were everywhere. Perhaps they were the survivors of some catastrophic event.
I was very relieved to reach home.

I suppose that there are fads in holiday decorating. I just never expected that it would be spiders. Yet, here they all were, and I began to get used to them.

Poor witches! Perhaps it will be their turn next year.


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