Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 25, 2016

A Case of Channeling

It was a fun evening with the mediums at the Monday Night Learning Center Circle. We planned a midnight outing in November for Rocky Horror (I am bringing the dry toast). We talked about the upcoming Victorian seance. We talked about bringing back 5th Mondays, Teen Meditation Circle, and what the Samhain plans are. And we watched the youngest member of our group (she is 14) channel an older Southern man.

We noticed her posture first. She had been sitting in her normal way, which is, somewhat fidgety, fluid motions that twist easily into various pretzel shapes, and an inclination to use her chair rather like a sofa. Gradually, we became aware that her posture had changed. She was sitting up straight, feet flat on the floor, and shoulders squared as men sit. Her left hand was on her left leg, palm up, and fingers slightly curled. Her right arm rested on her right leg, but not in a straight posture, as her elbow was bent toward me (I was next to her) and her hand was curled. I noticed that her pinkie looked short, as if she was missing the top joint. I kept looking at it, for it was pressing down, and I thought that she naturally had a normal finger. Her right leg was tapping the floor rhythmically, and it continued to do that even after we called her attention to her body. She seemed unaware that her body had taken on a masculine affect, and she entered into a normal conversation with us. When called upon to think about it, she did acknowledge the presence of an older man, but she did not attempt to stop the movement of her leg. Our group leader took a picture of her, which showed that all of her exposed flesh (ankles, head, hands) glowed purple. Her mother finally told her to take off her jacket and stand up, which she did. With that, she stretched and moved and “shook off” an odd feeling that she had. She then developed a taste of chewing tobacco in her mouth, which she found disgusting. Our group leader took a second photo, which showed her flesh in its normal (non-purple) color.

After she had returned to normal, we had an informative discussion. A woman sitting across the circle from me exclaimed that the girl did indeed have a normal sized pinkie. I looked again, noticed that it was indeed normal, and validated that I, too, had noted that the finger had been short by a section. One of the other women mentioned that her hands had been in the positions of holding a whiskey glass (the right one) and a pipe (the left one). A man in the group gave us the spirit’s name and explained that the fingertip had been cut off while the spirit had been cutting tobacco.

It was an interesting experience. The group leader congratulated the girl for not allowing the spirit take her over completely and offered to help her develop her skills further. We learned a lot and were glad this experience had happened in the group setting.

Hanging out with mediums can be fun.


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