Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 22, 2016

The Season is Finally Starting

Usually by this time in October, there are a slew of events taking place for the season. Craft shows, haunted houses, parties, etc. begin to fill our calendars and/or communities. This year, though, things have been slow. It is as if nothing can happen unless the leaves start to change.

Or perhaps everybody has been going to the Cleveland Indians baseball games, leaving no time for anything else.

However, the leaves have finally started to turn. They are not at 50% yet, so I cannot say that we are at peak season. But most trees have clumps of soft color in them – reds, yellow, oranges, and purples dominate. And the first haunted festival is being advertised on the billboard outside of the county fairgrounds. Samhain is coming after all.

I continue to work on my granddaughter’s costume. The sleeves drove me crazy. Tomorrow is the zipper, and then all that is left is the trim, which needs to be done by hand. I am hoping to have it packaged and on the way by Monday.

There is something about sewing the costume which touches the core of my being. I remember the bunny costume, which both girls wore as their first costume. Later on, I made matching Little Witch costumes for the girls. My oldest daughter was a book one year. Their paternal grandmother made some costumes, also, especially one year when a really lovely fairy costume showed up at the house. My mother made a pumpkin costume for me one year, and I have also been a princess, hobos, and walking monsters. The costumes are as spectacular as a child’s imagination can make.

Zen and the art of needlework. Live fully in the moment, my friends.


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