Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 18, 2016

Trust Your Intuition

The Monday night discussion group at the local Learning Center has monthly themes. Lately, we have been discussing spirits and the aid and help they provide us. Our group leader likes to remind us of the basics. Tonight, the basic admonition was to “trust your intuition”.

The classic example is the person who is called, pushed or inadvertently distracted from their normal course to work. At some later point, the person realizes that they missed being involved in a large, fatal accident. Something like that happened to one of our group leader’s employees last week. We are glad that her employee is safe. We also recognize that this is a fairly large deal.

“Trust your intuition” usually starts small. Most of us are born with some type of intuition. As we age, we suffer the slings and arrows of parents, teachers, siblings, peers, etc. Most of us submerge our gifts and many do not reactivate them. However, more and more of us are coming back. As we take our first “baby” steps toward re-experiencing our power, our self-confidence begins to grow.

So, practice trusting your intuition. Close your eyes and “see” the missing car keys. Listen to the voices hovering just behind your ears. It may not hurt to jot down the intuitions you are experiencing. That way you will end up with a simple story line.

And,perhaps, you may end up at the local Learning Center where they will model the best our guides can provide us.


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