Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 9, 2016

There is Hope for Autumn

Last night was the first genuinely cool night since Mabon. The heater clicked on, and a chickadee reminded me that they like to be fed over the winter. It still does not seem like winter is coming, but I learned long ago not to argue with chickadees.

The concern, of course, is that snow will fall before the leaves come off the trees. The snow would be heavy at this time of year, and the leaves are heavy, also. This accumulation brings down branches and sometimes entire trees. The snow may melt quickly, but it still is not quickly enough if it brings down power lines.

So there is a practical reason for us to root for the changing leaves of autumn. Peak season is beautiful, but bare wintery branches are actually safer once the snow flies. Every year, I look for the first tree on the street to start changing color. Today was the day it happened, and my yard was the place where autumn began.

There are some scrub sumac trees on the north side, tucked in among the neighbor’s evergreens. Yesterday, all was green on that side of the Temple. Today, half of the first sumac had turned a purple color. Huzzah! Autumn is on the way!

Once the leaves turn, perhaps the neighbors will begin to decorate their houses.


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