Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 6, 2016

Talking With Trees

It was another beautiful day in NE Ohio. Again, the temperature was in the 70s (F). It was breezy, with wispy clouds scudding across the blue, blue sky. The trees were whispering to me, and I took a walk around the yard to talk with them.

The oak tree in the south is tall and healthy. Autumn acorns are falling, making the busy squirrels very happy. The squirrels have chewed tips of branches off the tree while harvesting nuts, “pruning” the tree as they go. The fallen clusters of leaves are a glossy green. They look strong even on the ground. I did find one (1) leaf on the tree which was beginning to turn color.

The river willow in the center of the yard is old and coming to the end of its life. The tree is massive, with 4 large branches emanating from a single trunk which is very low to the ground. Each branch is as large as most of the other trees in the yard. The willow is easily the tallest tree in the yard. The branches grow almost perfectly in the 4 directions. The branch growing toward the west has broken about 6 feet from the ground. This is the branch that pointed directly toward the Temple of Gaia, and, when the branch came down, the top reached almost to the deck. It took weeks to cut all of the wood. It came down in the spring a few years ago, and while it waited to be cleared away, forget-me-nots bloomed in the uncut grass underneath the tree. The eastern branch did not have leaves this year, but it did provide a banquet for the woodpeckers in the area. When is comes down, it will fall toward the creek. The other two branches are healthy and will have no effect on structures when it comes time for them to fall.

There are two maple trees in the back of the Temple. They are young and healthy and have many more years to live. They turn a beautiful golden yellow in the fall, which has not arrived yet this year. If we had a mind to, we could tap the sap for syrup in the spring. One maple is in the north and the other in the south.

All the trees are wise and willing to talk. Today, I was ready to listen. So I made the rounds, starting and finishing with the oak tree. We whispered, hugged, and enjoyed the music of bird song. It was a lovely half an hour, followed by an even lovelier meditation in the center of the circle of trees.

I hope you all have an opportunity to talk with the trees. Perhaps they will even hug you back.


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