Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 5, 2016

I Give Up. It’s Still Summer.

Friends of mine drove through Ohio today. They called ahead and we made arrangements to meet for lunch at an exit of the Ohio Turnpike. My drive to meet them took about an hour and a half. I fully expected to see signs of trees changing somewhere along the way.

The temperature was in the 70s (F), and the sun was out. It was a gorgeous summer day. I drove through farmland and forests. I fully expected to see trees with the touch of autumn upon them. Instead, I saw green, green leaves.

The wildflowers by the roadsides were the flowers of August. Farmers were haying in the fields. Folks were cutting the grass. I really did expect to see a Disney-style bluebird hovering at my window at a red light, tweeting a happy tune. It was all so beautiful. It was not October.

October has a beauty uniquely its own. On a rainy or overcast day, the muted colors of the changing leaves look like Old Master landscapes – oil paintings that draw you in and mesmerize you with their subtle shadings. On a sunny day, the changing leaves sparkle like jewels, putting to shame many a gem trapped in a jewelry store. Everything pops. People decorate their yards and homes in the colors of the season.

None of that is happening. Everything is a sea of green. The only decorations are found at roadstands and usually involve chrysanthemums flanked by ghosts. I gave up looking for more.

Next weekend is supposed to be the beginning of our peak leaf-peeking season. Instead, it will just be another weekend of summer. Sigh.


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