Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 3, 2016

Messages From Mediums

A few weeks ago, I went to the Shrine for the Sunday service. This is a Spiritualist church about 40 minutes from my home. The mediums are very nice people, and the energy is amazing. Spirits abound, and sometimes they will touch me.

Now, I am not really a spiritualist. I am a pagan through and through, and nothing connects me to the All like walking in a forest, strolling on the ocean beach, or even lightly touching the flowers in a beautiful garden. However, sometimes I need to talk with like-minded people. On these occasions, I go to the Shrine or hang out at the learning center that is a lot closer to my home. Today, it was the Shrine’s turn.

A few weeks ago, I went to a service after a 5 month absence. The speaker was interesting and the mediums were friendly, but the spirits were going berserk. I sat in the congregation getting colder and colder while the spirits mobbed me. They were pushing each other out of the way to just bump into me! It was if they were a bunch of puppies, all panting and excited and tumbling over themselves, and shouting “She’s here! She’s here!” I was so cold (that’s how I experience spirits) that I was practically immobile. It was nice to be welcomed back, but I also felt that I should check in a little more frequently.

Today, then, I made the trek eastwards. Fortunately, the spirits did not turn me into an ice cube. Instead, they flooded the mediums with messages for me. I have never had so many messages from mediums in my life! And the vast majority of the messages were about writing.

Of course, all of this writing advice comes at a time when I am blogging as a spiritual discipline. The consensus was that I should be writing children’s stories. Now, I am writing a story that will need about 4 books to tell. However, the story is about assassins. This is not a topic that I am feeling the urge to tell to children. So, with many apologies to spirits, I am going to finish the story I am working on first. After that, we’ll talk.

Oh, and one of the mediums told me I was an oak tree. What does that mean?


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