Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 26, 2015

Energy Thoughts

I have been thinking stray thoughts about energy.

A group of us were doing exercises in healing today. The group leader told us that we had a choice. We could either have a healing for ourselves or for someone who was sick. She mentioned some folks who were not well, and, when it was my turn, I asked the healer if we could do the healing for the woman who was mentioned. He agreed, and we started.

I sat on the bench and concentrated on the woman for whom the healing was meant. I visualized her and thought steadily for her pain to be released. I could feel his hands growing warmer the more he worked, but other than that I could not feel any energy moving around or through me.

When we were done, though, I could still feel his energy around my head. Even though we were not sitting anywhere near each other, I felt as if I were wearing a helmet made from his hands. The feeling finally dissipated after an hour. I was surprised that it had lasted so long.

During lunch, the woman called our group leader. She reported feeling a great wave of healing energy over her at such-and-such a time, which turned out to be the time we were actively working on sending her energy. She felt great and the pain was gone. They were all happy, but I remain perplexed. How could someone so far away feel energy we were sending for you, yet I could feel nothing except a little warmth from the healer’s hands?

Nicola Tesla built a machine that could draw energy from the air. Is this the same energy as the healing energy? I did not feel any electric shocks, and the healer did not behave as if he had received one either. Isn’t energy just energy? Or is it that the speed of the energy changes the effects of the energy when touched by someone or something else?

I never had a physics class, so the answer to at least one of these questions can probably by easily ascertained. I am afraid, though, that I have opened a can of worms (so to speak).


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