Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 24, 2015

Meditation on a Broken TV

Have I mentioned that I am not technologically savvy?

Well, I’m not.

This self-awareness resurfaces periodically when someone (usually a daughter) decides that I need to be connected in some way to some new thing in the world. Old things may still be functioning fairly well, but I still am hooked up to something I am not sure about. I then torment the person into actually answering all of my questions (and there are many) until I am sure that I can function at some basic level with the new technological present. They have each, over time, developed a particular quality in their voice (a hunted, reluctant but resigned tone) that tells me they will answer my question, but that they would really rather be doing almost anything else than dealing with me right at this moment. I say “almost” because I am not sure about how changing poopie diapers would rank in this scenario.

Today, the TV broke. It is not even Mercury retrograde.

I thought that the problem was due to run down batteries in the remote. Therefore, I went to the store, bought a package of AAs, brought it home, and changed the batteries. At least I can do that. However, that does not seem to be the problem.

The TV simply will not go on.

There is a response when I click the remote. The light comes on, the “click” lets me know the power is on, and then it turns itself off immediately. Is there some switch or connection that has malfunctioned in the TV? Is it that the remote is just too old to do the job? The power button on the TV itself disappeared years ago, leaving just an empty hole and no way to turn the power on and off on the unit. How will I ever find out what is going on in the world?

This is tough stuff for me. The local Spiritualist minister has designated me a “hearer”, and I find that I am missing the sound of the human voice in the background very much. On the other hand, I realize that I do not practice my meditation skills enough. Is the Goddess trying to tell me something? Should I simply ignore the non-functioning machine and work on my meditation?

Or should I just run out tomorrow and locate a flat-screen?

Girls, are you ready for the next list of questions from Mom?



  1. Good luck with your technology situation. I’d go for flatscreen. I spent a month without my TV — they discovered right after I moved in but not before alas that my service provider couldn’t provide service to my new apartment. Then, since it was summer and people were on vacation, I had a difficult time getting an appointment with the new service provider. Plus it took time for it to actually work properly. And I was so happy when it did that I just sat down and watched TV for hours.

    • I have an image of you, Sandy, curled up in a big chair with an afghan and a large glass of wine, I hope you enjoyed your binge TV watching!

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