Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 21, 2015

The Broom and the Moon

Some time ago, a medium friend of mine had a message for me. “Angel wings!” he declared. “I see angel wings! And a ballroom. I see you dancing in a ballroom.” He seemed happy about this, but I am somewhat bemused and perplexed.

Angels are not really a part of my iconography. People have always given angels to me, but I never really understood why. When folks start talking about angels, I start thinking about ancient aliens in spaceships spreading culture wherever they go. I imagine that these symbols that my friend saw are really meant for him – that they have meaning for him which help  him to deliver a message. Still, I get uncomfortable when something like this happens. His spirits are not really calling me a space cadet, are they?

I shared my concerns with my friend, CHM. “Substitute flying on a broom for the angels,” she counseled. “And visualize yourself dancing under the full moon instead of the ballroom.”

With just those few words, my whole attitude changed. The thrill of flight and the joy of ecstatic dancing filled my spirit. I am soooo looking forward now to the next full moon. My broom is out, waiting for the chance to soar.

The last two nights have been clear, and I have been watching the moon in the evening sky. It is waxing now, about half way to full. There will be rain between now and next Tuesday, and so I will not be able to see the entire waxing process. However, I will still be dancing next Tuesday, whether I can see the full moon or not.

And I will be dancing happily with my broom.


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