Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 17, 2015

Rain Over the Garage Sale

And the winner is….DVDs!

DVDs were the #1 seller at the garage sale today. Also sold were lots of stuffed animals and children’s toys, craft supplies, tools, comic books, and 3 more Halloween costumes. Only 11 more to go!

The weather was cool this morning, but the rain held off until this afternoon. There was a mix of hail with the rain, and S. and I were really happy that we had advertised this to be an indoor garage sale. S. made additional eye-catching signs to post directing traffic to the correct building. We are ready for a cold day tomorrow.

The folks who braved the rain this afternoon turned out to be a basically jovial group. It was something of an adventure to come into our little space, now totally crammed with boxes of items that had been rescued from the rain. More than one customer expressed their feeling of being on a treasure hunt. We felt that way, too. It would have been nice to have been able to use the outdoor space all afternoon, but the indoor space was dry and cozy. The DVDs are in three large boxes on a table we are trying to sell. We had two of the matching chairs ready for people to sit in while going through the boxes, and folks were taking advantage of their presence.

Only one person challenged our skeleton today. A lady wanted to buy the cube upon which we had hung the Halloween costumes. She took it in stride, though, when we told her the cube was not for sale.

We moved a space heater into the space, for tomorrow’s high temperature is supposed to be in the 40s (F). Hopefully, we will be so busy tomorrow that we will not notice.

The garage sale season is coming to a close. Tomorrow will be the last day for us. We will miss talking with all the people who drop in to visit with us. We hope that tomorrow many folks will to celebrate the end of the season.

We are cleaning our houses, one item at a time.



  1. Rain and hail. Brrr. Hope you had some warm clothes — and some warm drinks for afterwards.

  2. Warm clothes, yes! Warm drinks, no. : ( Went home and made hot chili. Yum!

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