Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 16, 2015

A Sign of Autumn? Grammies at the Garage Sale

The first grammie arrived at our garage sale half an hour before we opened. She arrived in between the two handicapped accessible school buses, which are the main transportation to and from school for S.’s three children who are wheelchair-bound. Fortunately, Grammie parked her car out of the way of the second bus, which entered the horseshoe-shaped driveway behind her. By the time she realized that I was still setting up because we were not officially open yet, she was trapped. Poor Grammie! She took it in stride, though, and we figured out how she could escape once the second bus moved. She promised to come back on Saturday.

I would estimate that about 75% of our customers today were grammies, a few with grandpas in tow. We had advertised Halloween costumes for sale, and working moms had commissioned their own mothers to find the perfect costume for the grandchildren. We set a record today in numbers of costumes sold. There are still about 14 left, with various masks, helmets, hats, and even a toy light saber waiting for new homes.

The grammies did not confine themselves to costumes, thank goodness. Altogether, we sold three entire boxes worth of nick-nacks, baby clothes, books, and dolls. There is room to walk around in our space.

It started to rain about 10 minutes before closing.  Fortunately, I had been watching the sky, and was not exactly pleased with what was coming over Lake Erie. By the time the rain started, I had already brought in almost half of the stuff we had displayed on the outside tables.

Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain all afternoon. The high is also supposed to be 16 degrees lower that it was today. The space used to be a greenhouse, so there is a small heater which we can use for warmth. I hope the grammies will still come to our garage sale.

The Halloween costumes are calling!



  1. Sounds like a good first day. Hope you’re not rained out today. Lots of work.

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