Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 6, 2015

An Evening With the Psychics

I have done many things this past year, and one of those things was to join an Intuition Development group. There is a learning center near me, which was founded and is run by a Spiritualist minister. Her calling, however, is for teaching, and so Rev. Debi Fellows founded Spirals of Spirit three years ago.

Tonight’s topic was on the impact of stress on intuition and vice versa. It was an interesting discussion with surprising results. Turns out that stress and intuition work well together. Who knew?

Next, we did a meditation that allowed us to communicate with our Higher Selves. This turned out great for everybody except me. Apparently, my Higher Self has nothing to say to me. Silence may be golden for the most part, but it is a little disappointing when you are the only person in the room who is not connecting.

Still, overall this has been a fun and informative group to belong to. The other members are very nice, and laughter and joy permeates the space. Sometimes we experiment with things (turns out I am not a dowser, either), sometimes we have open ended discussions, or sometimes we just have questions. We usually do exercises at the end where we go around the circle and read the person next to us. And, if one of us happens to be going to a Steampunk party, we all get to give suggestions for her costume! It’s wonderful when someone allows one’s friends to dress them.

And, on the fifth Monday of the month, we go out to dinner.  What could be better?


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