Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 2, 2015

October Arrives

October has arrived with a drop in temperature and more than a gentle gust of wind.  The most recent rain is over, but the creek is not yet filled with water. We have had a mild drought, and we are still experiencing the effects of that. The temperatures have been averaging in the 70s until today.  Now that we are having a taste of 50s, it is time to address autumn chores.

By this time, most houses in the area are well into their Halloween decorations. This year is different. I have seen more ladders with house painters hanging onto them than I have seen ghosts, pumpkins, or fake tombstones. Only one of the local road stands is even selling pumpkins and only two are selling cornstalks. We are in deep denial of impending winter. Yet, it will come. It will surely come.

With winter in mind, I finished my harvest today. The peppers had been picked last week, leaving only the tomatoes to be harvested. My gardening this year had all been done in pots, and I was very pleased with the results. The last of the tomatoes are now in a kitchen bowl, awaiting their fate as salad components.

The final pot was my largest one. A geranium that had been rescued from an overgrown greenhouse was the only resident of this pot. Since April, the geranium had thrived, no longer having to compete for water and fresh soil. Now that winter is coming, I have not had the heart to allow this survivor to become frost-bitten and to eventually die. This plant had survived the greenhouse for many years and deserved a chance to continue its life in happier circumstances. Therefore, I asked a friend of mine to find a corner in her greenhouse and consented to her using it to propagate additional plants. Procreation, the ultimate survival mechanism! She will give me one of the “children” next spring, and I hope that we can continue this happy exchange for many years to come.

Today’s final chore was to gather pine cones for the birds/squirrels to feast upon this winter. I started last winter with 8 pine cones, a woefully inadequate number once the squirrels started eating them. This year, so far, I have about 40 pine cones, with more of the Temple of Gaia’s grounds to search. The goal is to have enough pine cones to last the winter.

This is a good start for winter preparedness, but there is much more to do. It will warm up again this weekend and there is no rain in the immediate forecast. There will be days when it will seem as if winter is a thing of last year’s nightmares. However, that will just be an illusion.

Winter will come. Winter will surely come.


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