Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 31, 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse and the Reincarnation of Moles

In one of my mundane jobs, I work with a group of students from the local high school. They are a fine bunch of young people, and I find that they are open to talking about many things. This semester, we have had more time to talk than usual, and so we have turned to some odd topics. This group usually is just girls, but we have had 3 freshman young men join our crew this year. And so, we have spent an extraordinary amount of time discussing the zombie apocalypse.

Yesterday, there were 6 of us – 2 freshman boys and 3 older girls and myself. The girls do not have the same fascination with zombies that the boys have, but they listened – and occasionally contributed – to the conversation anyway.

The discussion centered primarily around how zombies spread their condition.

Apparently, zombies are created by the spreading of the zombie virus. This was news to me. I would have thought that it would have been a bacterial infection, but the boys were adamant that a virus was the cause.

How is this virus spread? The boys were not sure.

Is anyone working on a zombie vaccine? Oh, yes, they assured me.  However, the scientists working on a zombie vaccine are underfunded and so it will be a while before one will  be ready to protect the population.

Has anyone recovered from the zombie virus or is it 100% terminal? Oh, no, they replied. Some few people have recovered, although not many.

So the survivors have built up antibodies and are helping scientists study the disease? Yes, indeed, the boys assured me. There are some survivors, but there are many more who lose their battle with the disease.

By this time, the girls were rolling their eyes.

I was struck by the parallel between the zombie and Ebola viruses. Yet, that parallel was never mentioned.

People help me grow in so many ways. Just as these students were able to engage me in a serious learning situation, so have the folks who have spoken to me through and about this blog in the last month. For the second year, I engaged in a daily writing exercise – journeling as a spiritual discipline. For the second year, friends and strangers have stepped across the barriers of time and space to engage with me about things I have discussed. Many discussions have been meaningful, most have been encouraging, and some have changed me by engaging my brain and heart in unexpected ways. In all honesty, I had never in my life thought about the reincarnation of moles, and now I find myself engaged in quite a lot of speculation regarding a mole’s after life. Yesterday, I turned to my experts for help.

I explained to the crew about the many cultures which believe in some form of reincarnation. “The question is,” I put to them, “if people can be reincarnated, how about moles?”

There was a 2 second pause. Then they answered, in unison, “Yes.”

So, I will be writing some thoughts about mole reincarnation in the future. I am still thinking, and still researching, and still meditating, but the subject has not been thoroughly explored, and so I will still trudge on. Not, mind you, in the same way that zombies trudge. But, still…

We are interconnected. The woman eating breakfast in France, teenagers in NE Ohio, Druids in the Seattle area, and everyone in between, have changed all of us in some way.  It has been wonderful walking on this portion of my path with you. I will continue to walk with you, for you have changed me. And, yes, I will continue to write my stray thoughts on random things.

I  won’t do that every single night, though.  I just don’t think that fast.

Happy Samhain!

Happy Halloween!

Blessed be.







  1. 🙂
    It’s been another great month. Looking forward to more.

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