Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 27, 2014

Fading Light

There is less and less light in the sky these days. Each morning, we wake up in the dark, and it is dark again before dinnertime. Each morning, we face the day with a list of things to do, and each night we retire before the list is finished. It is as if we are losing our grip.

That is one of the feelings that surface at Samhain for me. There is a sense of unreality that softly envelopes my thoughts. I begin to spend time on the genealogy sites online. Memories of family stories arise in my mind. A sense that I have increasingly limited time to accomplish all I had hoped to accomplish nags at me.

Today was a sunny day, but the sunshine faded far too soon. While we had it, all of the inhabitants of the Temple of Gaia were full of pep and excitement. By evening, we had all quieted down. Now that night has fallen, most of the feline priestesses have settled down to sleep. It is almost time for me to follow suit.

When winter finally comes, sunshine will become increasingly rare. We will turn on the lights and fire up the candles. Yet, we will still slow down. This is a natural time for contemplation and meditation, and we will draw close to our hearths and altars. The veil between the worlds grows ever thinner.

Gather your family and friends around you. The light is fading, but love and laughter can help lighten the dark.

Blessed be.


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