Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 20, 2014

Cooking With the Goddess

Once upon a time, I had a vision of “cooking weekends” for family, friends, and members of the local pagan community. In my mind, I was living in a town with a vibrant magickal community. My contribution to this community would be to have an open house 4 times a year, serving meals starting Friday night and straight through until Sunday night. This was especially important at Yule, when the year is so busy that it would be good to just swing by somewhere and have a meal while touching base with friends. Needless to say, this vision has not come to reality.

Instead, I live in a semi-rural area where the pagan community seems thin. My children have grown and gone, and I have no other family in the area. My friends are scattered around the world. Who do I cook for? Only the 3 feline priestesses and myself.

I remembered this vision while cooking today. It is less than two weeks before Samhain, and I had the urge to break out some holiday recipes. I even caught myself making a shopping list and organizing shelves to prepare for the extra ingredients. Then reality set in. Who would even be here to eat this food?

I love cooking on Goddess days for I feel even more connected with Gaia. I thank the food spirits for all the sacrifices that go into the meal. I meditate on the nourishment that this food will provide. I make plenty so that there will be leftovers to last into the hectic week. It is a pleasure to spend this time in the kitchen with the Goddess and the feline priestesses.

The feline priestesses also love it when I cook. They wander slowly and innocently into the kitchen and take up places where they can watch. They sit for a while, then a gentle purring sound begins to fill the air. The purring gradually grows louder until an enterprising FP decides that my legs need petting. One will delicately walk by, just slightly brushing my jeans. This goes on for a bit until the second one joins her. The purring gets louder and the rubbing gets heavier until I am afraid to walk for fear of stepping on someone. If one drops out of the formation, the third will take her place. Really kitties? All this for vegetable soup and cornbread?

I wonder what they would do if I made pumpkin pie next weekend?


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