Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 18, 2014

Still Thinking About Water

Recently, I wrote some posts that included references to the overcast nature of NE Ohio in the autumn. The rains do come at night and in the daytime, too. Our weather is impacted by our proximity to the Great Lakes, which collectively hold around 20% of the world’s fresh water.  It is easy to take all this water for granted, but we are painfully aware of the trials of our citizens who are currently experiencing long periods of drought. We need water to survive. Lack of water can be devastating.

Too much water can be devastating, too. We are prone to floods, especially in the spring. The rivers and streams in this area flow north into Lake Erie. In spring, the southern parts of the land warm first. Cold, newly thawed water races toward the lake, which can be still covered in ice, with ice flows blocking the mouths of the rivers. The ice, of course, acts like a dam, and suddenly floods start appearing in towns and backyards. One of the signs of spring is the sound of booming as cities and towns on the lake shore dynamite the ice, trying to release the oncoming water into the lake. There is always property damage and, occasionally, the loss of life as well.

Water can be even more devastating if done on a large scale. Currently, the Weather Channel is reporting on the effects of Hurricane Gonzalo on Bermuda. This was a Category 3 hurricane when making landfall at 8: 30 this evening. There are power outages. The reporters are predicting that Gonzalo should be done sometime tomorrow morning. That is when they will be able to begin assessing the damage.

There will be damage. My mother lived through 6 days without power after Hurricane Sandy – and she lives 7 miles inland! My cousin opened her home to friends who had evacuated from Long Beach Island. One friend ended up staying a month with her before she was allowed back on the island to see if she still had a home. She had to be ferried across as the storm had broken the bridge. Almost 2 years later, there are still people who do not have their homes restored.

In addition to the damage done to homes and businesses, infrastructure is damaged also. Roads and bridges can be swept away. Water treatment plants, ironically, can be destroyed. Even cemeteries can be damaged by the large storms.

We experience this devastation as a tragedy. For Gaia, however, it is a form of purification. Wind and water sculpt the land, changing the ocean bottoms, and reconfiguring the coastlines. We can only stand in awe at Her power.

And, when you are told to evacuate, go.


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