Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 17, 2014

Stray Thoughts About Water


One of our four sacred elements, water is both life-giving and life-taking. It is necessary for our survival. It is dangerous for us to drink from its source.

“Don’t drink the water,” we are told. When camping, we take water purification precautions. When traveling, we are careful to drink only treated water. Water, so essential to our health, harms us unless we are very careful.

Our very blood is related to water. The water, however, is ocean water, which we cannot drink.

Ashoka Mukpo is the NBC cameraman who is currently recovering from Ebola, which he contracted in Africa. The other night, I watched an interview with his parents. Mukpo’s mother looked understandably worried, but she answered the reporter’s questions steadily and quietly. Mukpo’s father, however, exhibited a body language that was unlike others seen in that situation. He sat slightly forward in his chair, looking with interest at the scene before him, and exuding a calming presence. Then the reporter introduced him – Dr. Mitchell Levy. That’s when I recognized his stance. I had seen it before – the cardiologist who talked with us after my dad’s last heart attack, the oncologist who talked with us about my mom’s breast cancer, the obstetrician who talked to me about my gestational diabetes. It was the stance of a doctor about to have that very serious talk with his patient, a combination teacher/care giver/ dedicated professional who would make very clear what was happening, how it was happening, and what the prognosis was. Dr. Levy was about to give us “the talk”. And when he did, he did it very well.

“The talk” ended with the reporter asking what the differences in treatment were between here and Africa. Dr. Levy smiled slightly, his face relaxing into a peaceful look. “Simple saline,” he answered. They are pushing fluids by IV here. They are flushing the virus out of the systems of the patients here. “This doesn’t happen in Africa?” he was asked. “No,” he said, “they haven’t the resources.”

How many solicitations have I received from groups seeking money for Africa? How many of them include a dollar estimate for water treatment plants or even tablets to purify water? Yet, we don’t make the connection between these things and the progress of diseases in developing countries.


Drink water.

Purify your body – both externally and internally – with water.

And thank Gaia for water.



  1. Something important to think about indeed.

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