Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 16, 2014

The Rains Came in the Night

The rains came in the night.

It was the drumming of the rain on the roof and the windows that wakened me, just 20 minutes before Little Max showed up to do that morning duty. It was rather nice to lie in bed, Astarte at my feet, listening to the wind beating water all around me. There was nothing on the agenda to rush the getting up process. And so, I became One with air and water. It was a good way to start the day.

The day remained overcast. I have a feeling that we will not see 70 degrees F again this year. The rains stopped, but the wind didn’t. For the first time this autumn, clouds of leaves began to fall from the trees.

By late afternoon, the roads and sidewalks were quite dry. The blowing leaves skittered and scattered across the pavement, sounding like the rattling of bones. Most of the leaves were a rainbow of colors, but there were a surprising amount of brown ones mixed in. Where had they come from? I had not noticed any brown yet on the trees.

If the sun had been out at all, today would have been a peak day for leaf viewing.  However, the color palate was muted. There was a softness to it, but the brilliance of the glowing leaves was missing.

Then I noticed the evergreen trees. They, of course, maintain their color all year. In the summer, though, they do not stand out in the landscape, for they blend in so well with the green deciduous trees. Today, a line of evergreens did stand out against a background of soft, muted colors. Soon the evergreens will bear the only color in the landscape.

The rains came in the night. Winter will not be far behind.

Blessed be.


























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