Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 14, 2014

Driving Home

It was a busy day, with lots of errands and meetings. I found myself in the easternmost part of the county at dusk and chose to drive home on a state road. instead of the Interstate.

Part of the trip led me through the center of a small town. The bandstand in the town square was decorated with cornstalks and pumpkins, with smaller spookier displays in the flower beds. There was a sign in front of Town Hall proclaiming the Trick-or-Treat times and events leading up to Halloween. The houses and apartments on the way out of town were decorated, too. The sun was setting, which allowed the glow of orange colored lights to be seen on porches and bushes. There is something warm and cuddly about orange lights. They make what could be a lonely drive a beautiful one instead.

Once out of town, I entered the part of the county which was composed primarily of nurseries. Darkness was falling across the fields, but it was light enough to see the farming that was being done to prepare for winter. The main nursery on this road has a rather large stand by the side of the road.  It was still open as I drove past, and I could see that it was elaborately decorated. My favorite decoration involved a tree on one side of the road stand. It was completely surrounded by ghosts, all facing inward, all holding hands (or sheets), and all obviously dancing. It reminded me of a May pole, only without the ribbons. Someone had fun with the decorating.

Full of the holiday spirit, I began making hand lanterns when I got home. There is nothing quite like a hollowed out turnip with a candle in the middle to set the tone of the holiday. Lit from within, the turnip takes on a distinctly skull-like look. They are lovely on the altar.

The trees continue to turn. They are about half done now. If there were more sun, the colors would be vivid and bold. However, it has been rainy, and so we have a muted form of autumn color.

Hopefully, we will be at peak color next weekend, when we are due to have sun again. Samhain is coming. I can feel it in the air.


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