Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 9, 2014

Night Dancing with the Moon

Oh, so many puns on so many levels.

The rains started last evening, lasting all night, and blocking out the moon. Yes, the moon energy still came through to empower the evening ritual. However, the beauty of the moon touches all who gather around the altar to honor her.

The rains continued all morning and into the afternoon. So much for viewing the Blood Moon. Yes, it could be seen online and/or the Weather Channel. Still, the power of it touches all of us who can experience it in person.

Late this afternoon, the clouds disappeared, and sunlight flooded the yard. I was at a friend’s house, setting up for the start of this weekend’s garage sale. Suddenly, I was filled with hope that we would not be flooded out. Apparently, I forgot the implications.

Tonight, as I was packing the car with more items to take to the garage sale, I noticed a strange bright light over the Temple grounds. At first, I looked around the neighborhood to see who had left their flood lights on. But all the neighbors appeared to be asleep. Walking out into the Temple grounds, I noted the directionality of the shadows and traced them back to the source of the light.

There was the moon! Cloud free, she graced the Temple grounds with her beauty. Astonished, I raised my hands and began to dance.

Tomorrow bids to be a lovely day.


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